Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rasheed Wallace... Billboard for Catholicism?

(Boulder-CO) Usually I keep all my posts religion free, but this next story is just too weird to not publish, (especially when remembering Rasheed's Hail Mary that was answered against the Nuggets). Earlier today I was wandering the Internet looking for obscure news on the good folks that make up the NBA and found that Rasheed Wallace has what some devout believers believe to be a visage of the Virgin Mary in his white spot on the back of his head!

The whole mind-blowing story be read by clicking this link.

I was reluctant to post anything on this earlier because it didn’t have anything to do with the Nuggets, but now that my friend Jim over at has it up on his site. I can send you over to there for a local Michigan reaction.

It is a strange world out there, folks! Do you believe?


Anonymous said...

HEh what a wacky story.

But in other news, I wanted to call your attention to this tidbit about Melo wanting the "old AI" back:

from FreeDarko's comments section:

At 9:55 PM, T. said...

"Someone relevant to the conversation - Carmelo Anthony is in Beijing for the Yao Ming/Steve Nash/BDA charity game, and yesterday duing interviews on behalf of the Jordan Brand - he was EMPHASIZING - I don't want the new AI - the "true point guard/pass first/team ball AI" - he wants the old AI - high volume shooting, low percentage, getting to the line and scoring 30 points on 40% shooting AI. He thinks with that AI they finally get into the second round."

What do you guys think about that? I actually agree because I don't think (even with AI starting the downslope of his career) he should be any less aggressive because Carmelo is on the floor and is the face of the team. With two ultra-aggressive scorers of that caliber (especially in the fast-paced volume-shooting offense that we run) attacking relentlessly, every team has to make a decision about who to cover. It's great when AI has a game like the one against Phoenix when he scores like mad AND dishes 15 assists... but those games are few and far between, so I think hoping for those performances is an excercise in futility.

The Atkins move was nice because we needed a backup PG and a solid outside shooter, but I really wish we could've found a way to get a pass-first PG or combo guard with a little bit of size to get AI and Melo the ball. I dunno, maybe I just want to see some more of those twin 30-point performances from the boys and some crazy vintage AI plays. I felt like he was too tenative last season (especially in the Playoffs) and seemed afraid to step on toes -- hopefully a full off-season with everyone will get him comfortable enough to take charge when we need him to.

JM said...

Forgive me for stating the obvious here, but you know this is a fake news website right? This website is much like the Onion, only focusing on sports. For example, another article on the page states that the NCAA tournament will include all 336 Division I teams, which we know hasn't happened.

A funny article however, but not true; Unless I am missing something here, which happens more than I would like to admit. :)

Nugg Doctor said...

Yea, I figured that out, JM. But nevertheless you have to admit that if indeed it was true that it would be quite a funny tie into the heave he put on the Nuggets.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor