Sunday, September 2, 2007

Potentially the Worst Nene News

(Boulder-CO) In what probably could be a nightmare come to fruition, Nene (otherwise known as “Big Brazil”, “Baby Boy”, and the “Basketball Player Formerly Known as Hilario”) has injured his right calf muscle during the FIBA games while in competition for Brazil.

Chris Dempsey reports in the above linked article published in The Denver Post, “Nene suffered a right calf strain in Brazil's semifinal loss to Argentina. While the extent of the damage isn't known, a Brazilian team doctor said through a spokesman that the injury was 'bad' and estimated he could be out four to six weeks.”

Here’s to hoping that the injury is something that Nene can fully recover from without any lingering or permanent effects. The Nuggets are very dependant on having Nene being able to produce solid numbers for them in this upcoming season, and with Kenyon Martin’s status/attitude/athleticism still in question, anything but a full recovery will be a serious blow to Denver’s chances of becoming an elite team in the stacked Western Conference.

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