Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Don’t be Shocked if Jones gets Waived

(Boulder-CO) It doesn’t take a mathematical wizard to understand that the Nuggets traded one valuable player in yesterday’s transaction with the Sixers and received two active players in return. Meaning one of the newest Nuggets will probably get waived. The Nuggets obvious motivation in this deal was to clear some room at the power forward position while also bolstering their reserve center needs, but what isn’t quite so apparent is what they intend to do with small forward Bobby Jones.

Only $200,000 of his $664,209 in salary is guaranteed to Jones for next season, but the long shot to make the Philadelphia ball club has even less of a chance to make his new team here in Denver. Because if you think about this situation for a second. It shouldn't take an informed Nuggets fan very long to realize that Denver is pretty stacked at small forward too. Carmelo is definitely going to play his 40 minutes a game, behind him sits Linas Kleiza, and often times Eduardo Najera plays some small forward when LK plays minutes as a big shooting guard.

Simply stated: It all doesn’t add up in your favor if your name is Bobby Jones!

However, NBA roster rules state that a team may have 15 players on its roster, but only twelve can be declared, “Active”, at any one time. This rule is nice because it allows teams to keep players within their management’s access in the unfortunate event that one of their active twelve becomes injured, but at the same time, when you have the world’s best small forward and two capable, veteran substitutes. A guy like Bobby Jones, who gets traded from a struggling team to a potential contender, still doesn’t have the best of chances to make the final roster.
The good news for Jones is that he did have a very nice month of April in 2007, and because of so, he will probably find another NBA fanchise that could use his ability. And from a Nuggets-centric persepective, if Denver could move him for say... a combo guard. Then the Nuggets would really have their roster in great shape for the rapidly approaching season.

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