Friday, September 7, 2007

Who Wants to Own a Piece of Iverson?

(Boulder-CO) According to two separate sources, Allen Iverson is selling his house in Villanova, Pennsylvania. One source reports that AI’s old pad, (which includes a 12-person movie theater, a billiard room, a guest suite with a kitchenette, a pool house, a hot tub, and a stream), is listed for 6.3 million dollars. The other source is reporting that many of the furnishings and personal items belonging to Iverson and his family are also up for grabs via an auction. Among the most interesting items on the bidding block is a custom-made, gas-powered mini-Maserati; perfect for that special ten-year-old in your life!
I have to wonder how often this kind of thing happens to star athletes who find themselves traded with little to no advance notice. I mean, it’s not like AI had a whole lot of time to pack up his belongings while he was probably preoccupied with trying to find a new NBA city to play in. But in any event, I’m sure that all the really choice items were salvaged by Iverson and the rest he will probably just use as a write-off in some kind of gianormous Salvation Army donation.

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