Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Goodbye and Hello to Anthony Carter

(Boulder-CO) In an interesting couple of moves the Denver Nuggets waived guard Anthony Carter on August 29. Only to resign the veteran again two days later.
Salary information is vague right now, but I would have to speculate that the dump and jump on Carter was a financial move most likely agreed upon by both parties prior to the waiving and resigning. That or the Nuggets realized they are so light on guards right now that if they were crazy enough to waive Carter before anyone else was in line to replace him. They might have had waiver’s remorse and decided keep him around until another replacement was found.

But in any case, I like the move to keep Carter on the roster, (especially if the most likely financial scenario was actually the reason for the flip-flop), because he is a very cheap and efficient player the Nuggets can turn to on the rare occasions when Chucky Atkins is on the bench and Denver decides to keep AI at the two guard. However, these particular times are going to be few and far between because the most likely rotation that I can assume is AI moving over to point guard when Chucky Atkins needs a breather, and J.R. Smith, Linas Kleiza, or Von Wafer sliding in to play shooting guard.

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