Wednesday, August 9, 2006

All This Chatter Over Evans is Distracting

(FortCollins-CO) The most recent chatter over the resigning of Reggie Evans is just flat out distracting. The power forward has now narrowed down his potential teams to sign with to three. The Nuggets, Cavaliers, and Timberwolves are the ‘Lucky’ finalists for the rebounding services of Evans. The most ironic part about all this waiting game for Evans is that Denver is now in contact with Al Harrington and probably doesn’t give a care if Evans stays or goes.
In a story that broke from the Pensacola News Journal, Reggie Evans made this statement, “ I have a lot of weight on my shoulders, but it’s a good weight. I don’t mind holding good weight.” The main problem that I have now with this whole situation is that Reggie Evans is essentially holding out on the Nuggets for more moolah, and he is not worth the kind of money he is trying to get. Five million dollars for a guy that averages five points a game is malarky. I think that the Nuggets would be wise to let this guy go, and would be even wiser just to take their offer off the table. Reggie Evans is a fifteen-twenty minutes per game role player at best. Enough said.
Al Harrington could be what the Nuggets have been looking for all this time. Harrington is coming off a season where he averaged 18.6 points per game with 6.9 boards. He also played in 76 games with an average night consisting of almost 37 minutes. That’s contribution folks, and that is what Denver needs, CONTRIBUTORS! The twenty-six year old Harrington could be what the Nuggets thought they were getting with Kenyon Martin. Only this time, they do not have to worry about a surgically repaired knee and an ego.
In a statement in the Rocky Mountain News from Harrington concerning the realistic possibilities of being a Nugget. Al had this to say, “ Yeah, definitely. When you look at the Denver’s situation, they want to make some noise.”
That is absolutely correct! This franchise would give every indication that they are tired of the mediocrity they have been synonymous with for so long. And are willing to do everything that is honestly possible to rise to the elite levels of the NBA. Regardless of who is going to be on this team when the 2006-07 season begins, it should be noted that even without a GM, the Nuggets are an active team with the betterment of the franchise in the forefront of their mind.


Ra said...

The Nugs need some shooters badly. Eddie House is available and a backcourt tandem of Boykins/House might be the smallest in the league but could prove to be more successful than anything else the Nugs have tried. GET SOME SHOOTERS.

Nugg Doctor said...

I agree Ra, the addition of J.R. would be nice if he can be a consistent scorer. I'm thinking that if he can get 15 a night that would take a lot of stress off the Nuggets. We shall see...