Thursday, August 31, 2006

Leaves Changing with the Season and With The Nuggets

(Boulder-CO) As I comb through the rumors on, I almost can’t believe what my eyes are reading for my brain to decipher. There is a report that Kenyon Martin has been playing in half court games, totally optional at this point in the waning days of the summer, and George Karl calling him, “The best guy on the court most days.” Did the old veteran coach receive a Hallmark card written by god himself and could these two men have put their differences behind them? Oh Lord, say it could be so!

My mouth salivates to the point of filet mignon type moisture when I think about George Karl also saying that Kenyon Martin has, “Bounce”, in his step. Still wet on the chops, I’m thinking about possibly the toughest front court in the NBA when you factor in a healthy, and happy, Kenyon Martin, a revamped Nene, cagey and crafty veteran Joe Smith, Camby (the league’s best shot swatter), always hustling Eduardo Najera, and Jamaal Sampson. Could the Nuggets cease being their own worst enemy this season? Oh Lord, say it could be so!

Images of Yakhouba Diawara being wet from the three-point arc and J.R. Smith catching alley-oops from Andre Miller before yoking on teams league wide are making me giddy. Carmelo Anthony potentially raising his already impressive scoring total while also adding more assists to the box score due to people ready to accept the rock out of the double team. All these things seem like pipe dreams when I think about the way last season ended, but at this point, they could be reality. Please let them be reality.

This team has just about everything they need, except for Andre Miller’s long ball, to no longer be the whipping boy in the first round of the playoffs. Plus, Carmelo Anthony summed it all up with a quote from the Denver Post. He told everyone in Las Vegas to leave their egos outside the gym. Hopefully self-destruction and mutiny will not be part of this year’s campaign and Anthony can continue to lead as he once did with the Orangemen. If he can lead the USA. And he can lead the Syracuse Orangemen to the promise land. He can lead the Nuggets. Change is good and as the trees in Colorado metamorphous for the changing season. It is nice to see the Nuggets following suit.


Tymes Rhymes said...

Man this story gets me thinking.

Nugg Doctor said...

Trust me Tymes, I have been thinking about it a lot. Plus, I didn't even mention the addition of Diawara hitting a few treyskis a game for the Nuggets. To say that I am excited would be an understatement.

The Nugg Doctor