Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Melo Gets Bent Out of Shape

(FortCollins-CO) Everyone who cares about the Nuggets can breathe a sigh of relief tonight after what could have been a very bad day. In a FIBA game against Brazil, Carmelo Anthony was playing great. He had scored 16 points in a variety of fashions before all of Nuggsdom collectively held their breathe. Carmelo went diving into the USA bench, landing on coach K, and hyper-extending his knee. He didn’t return to the game, which the USA won, but is said to be just fine. Coach K is going to sit him for the next couple a days.

Damn, and I thought there was going to be a Linas vs. ‘Melo match when the USA faced Lithuania.

The fall didn’t look all that bad, but when you saw the grimace on Anthony’s face you could tell he was in pain. It should also be noted that up to this point, Carmelo is standing out in a group of his peers that includes D-Wade, LBJ, and Chris Bosh. This can only lead to confidence for the ‘Melo man.

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