Tuesday, August 8, 2006

'Melo Speaks On Reggie's Behalf

(FortCollins-CO) The line of communication about whether or not Carmelo Anthony wants the Nuggets to resign Reggie Evans is all affirmative. The Nuggets superstar’s agent Calvin Andrews says in an article in the Rocky Mountain News, “He loves Reggie’s game and thinks Reggie Evans, in order to win, is a good piece of the puzzle.”

The main hitch in this whole situation is that Reggie Evans is trying to negotiate a deal worth about five million dollars and the Nuggets have about three before they will be in violation of the NBA’s luxury tax. Unless the Nuggets make some moves with Kenyon Martin or somebody else. Reggie will most likely have to sacrifice some paycheck to remain a Nugget. The question for Reggie Evans will have to be whether or not all the intangible things are worth the paycheck cut.
The most important underlying story in all of this saga is that the Nuggets still have Kenyon Martin on the roster. If Kenyon stays, and decides to drop the tough guy act, he could be a valuable asset to this team. This scenario would greatly diminish Reggie’s playing time and could lead to an unhappy situation for Evans. Or Kenyon might not be able to get his act together and Reggie will be an incredible back-up plan, regardless of luxury tax penalty, and continue to develop for the Nuggets.

Very tough situation for Mark Warkentien to be in no doubt. The Nuggets are trying to make moves to be a realistic contender as soon as possible. The problem is that Rome wasn’t built in a day and the pre-Carmelo Nuggets didn’t really have much to build from. Now that the Anthony-era is upon us, the moves the Nuggets are making need to continue to be in the right direction.


Tymes Rhymes said...

I think $5 million is overpriced for Reggie, all he can really do is rebound and give us a little bulk. Other than that, he can't shoot, he can't block shots, He can't dunk all to well, he wants to much for his skill, he is not worth 5 mil yet, I give reggie not more than $1.6 mil for 3 years.

Nugg Doctor said...

I assume you mean 1.6/year for 3 years. But yes, I agree with your analyzatin of Reggie's game. He is not much help on the offensive end except for bunnies off the O-glass.

Tymes Rhymes said...

I mean $1.6 mil for the whole contract, I just don't think he is worth more than that. Not even $2 mil.

Nugg Doctor said...

Like him or not, he is not a league minimum guy. Your talking about a salary of 1/2 a million a year for three years and that is just not realistic.

The Nugg Doctor

Tymes Rhymes said...

Yeah thats what I think is wrong with the league, That boy would have to be top notch for me to accept him with that big contract for him, even though he's not worth it.