Friday, August 11, 2006

Fed Up With Cincinnati Alumni

(FortCollins-CO) The latest reports spewing out of Denver quite frankly make me embarrassed for Bob Huggins and the University of Cincinnati Bearcats basketball program. Obviously, Rueben Patterson and Kenyon Martin both must have been absent from any type of media training during their time at UC.
As I, and others have reported, Rueben Patterson has been traded to Milwaukee for Joe Smith. In typically classless style Rueben had to have something to say about his “Buddy” Kenyon Martin’s situation in Denver. Is Patterson Kenyon’s publicist? I wasn’t aware of any arrangement being made public. So I had this idea pop into my head when I read the Rocky Mountain News this morning. Rueben Patterson should just keep his convict mouth shut, pack his bags, and get the hell out of town.
Rueben Patterson made these statements in the aforementioned news regarding Kenyon Martin and the possibility of his situation in Denver working itself out. Patterson speaks on Kenyon’s behalf and says, “I know for sure it’s not going to (work out), because I know Kenyon. He is not happy (in Denver). He told me after the season he wanted to go. If he’s not gone, he’s really going to go crazy.” Are Nuggets fans supposed to take this as some kind of warning or just an idiot ball player, with a questionable resume, making his disgruntle way out of town?
Hopefully DerMarr Johnson will keep his Cincinnati roots in the closet and let this saga finish without his name being associated. Personally, I would like to see DerMarr back with the Nuggets. I think he is a versatile player who could be a jack-of-all-trades for the Nuggets in the upcoming season.

As for Kenyon Martin, I still stand by my last post in my thinking that with the addition of Joe Smith. The Nuggets will most likely be trading Martin as soon as possible. Another more than likely scenario is that Reggie Evans will be the first to go because he just will not get signed. Then with the addition of Smith, and the return of Nene will surely mean that Kenyon will not make it to the All-Star break. He may be around when the season starts, but that will just be so the Nuggets can raise his stock for a better trade. As of right now, teams are probably very leery of whether or not Kenyon Martin can even play on that knee that supposedly kept him out of so many games last season.

As for Rueben “The Instigator” Patterson, GOOD RIDDANCE!

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Tymes Rhymes said...

The registered sex-offender is talking? A man who can't even shoot a shot is talking? Ruben, get a game and then come talk to me. Right now, you ain't worth my time.