Thursday, August 17, 2006

Captain for Team USA

(Boulder-CO) The USA Basketball team has selected Carmelo Anthony as one of the three team captains for the 2006 World Championships. The other two captains, LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, were basically no-brainers. All three men are from the NBA Draft class of 2003 and are quickly becoming the new faces of the NBA. D-Wade, ’Melo, and LBJ are now leading the final squad, sorry Bruce Bowen, against the World’s best international teams. Carmelo currently leads team USA in scoring at a mark of 16.8 points per game.

When asked about his decision to elect ‘Melo and the others as captains, team USA Coach Mike Krzyzewski stated, “It was a pretty easy decision to select those three guys. From the very start they have asserted themselves and showed leadership through how hard they worked, their cooperation and the fact that they wanted to be like everyone else. They didn't come in as stars, they came in as members of the team. Everyone looks up to them and they look up to them even more now because they have set such a good example.”

High praise from about as respected of an opinion on basketball, and character, as there comes. Melo has been scoring very effectively within the team USA offense. Not forcing shots, moving without the ball, and finishing on the fast break have all been areas where Carmelo looks to have improved his game considerably this off season. It could be that great players are making each other better, but Melo has really been a standout and deserves this honor. Well done Carmelo, well done!


Ninam4840 said...

I too also believe that Melo has improved by a lot. Even though this is the case I believe he still has much potential to become an even more valuable team player as long as he continues to do what he is doig and adds visible team cooperation and skill.

That being said, he truly deserves the pat on the back.

Nugg Doctor said...

I agree Ninam. Thanks for reading!

The Nugg Doctor