Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Need Feedback

(Boulder-CO) Well, The Nugg Doctor is changing again and this time it is once again in the logo. Give me your thoughts on the new look in the comments section. Thanks again to Natalie Sitto of for the hardwork and creativity. She really is the Queen of the NBA blogosphere!


btalk said...

I like the new logo!! Very clever...Maybe a little Nugg Doctor, kinda like the old Nugget Miner logo somewhere next to, or on the bottle would add some "face" to your persona. Or maybe like chewable Flinstones, the pills could be little Nugg Doctors...just a thought, great as is though.

aeneas said...

the idea with the pills is great but I liked the old typographic logo a bit more. Best would be combine the pills with the old typo and put it under the advertisement. greets

JM said...

I liked the logo you just had a little better. This one seems a little low-fi for my taste. Also, the wood floor background makes it really hard to read comments that are posted on your blog. If there could be a different look to that, it would help things tremendously.

Nugg Doctor said...

First off, thanks a lot guys for weighing in. I really do appreciate it, and honestly, you are the ones that have to look at!

Individually, I think I need to clarify a few things.

First, I had to change the old logo because it was just too close to the Nuggets official logo. I liked it a lot too, but I am trying to be friends with the Nuggets organization, not start a copyright battle.

Secondly, and most directed towards JM, is that the comments only come up with the hardwood in the background if you are viewing the articles as their own web page. If you click the logo on the top of the blog, you will be taken to the entire front page where numerous articles are all posted chronologically and then you can click where it says, "comments" and a new page will open up with all the comments already on the article and a nice white background. Sorry for any confusion.

Like I said before though, you readers are the ones that I am trying to please. I can always change it again, and would love logo ideas if you have any. I like this logo and was happy to have Natalie break it out for me. Remember, she is the one that took this blog from the black background and lime green links in the first place.

Thanks for reading, and commenting on,

The Nugg Doctor

nanananana said...

always takes some getting used to something new when you are already used to what is familiar. It will grow on me, loved those mountain tops! As long as the writing is the same it will be all good Nugg Dr. Take it to them and thanks for allowing me to share!

Jim Dunn said...

I think the new logo is great. Nice touch with the words on the bottles. Are the pills supposed to be Nugget colored basketballs? The "Rx" on Doctor looks sweet too.

Seth said...

Really sweet typeface up top, and I like the pills. I didn't know you had an actual M.D. in...Nuggetry?