Friday, February 2, 2007

In the Wake of the Unmentionable; There is a Game Tonight

(Boulder-CO) I am still reeling from the blow the NBA coaches decided to throw, but what I’m stuck on now is how this whole mess is probably going to be rescued from infamy by poppa bear David Stern. Picture this, after lowering his sickle in a mighty swipe worth almost 20% of a man’s season. Stern is now in the perfect position to play the hero when he “rescues” Carmelo from such an outright snubbing. He on the one hand is the strict disciplinarian feared by all who wear a silhouette of Jerry West on their chest, but on the other, a savior and kind-hearted righter of evil that will somehow make all this kosher in a fairytale kind of sense. Somehow it all still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, but this is the last time you will hear about it from me.

There is a game tonight despite all the shadows that this malarkey has cast over the real situation and it is a rematch of Wednesday’s game with the Blazers. If Nuggets are going to have any chance to win they will not only be riding the obvious fire that his been lit underneath Carmelo’s backside, but the return of Allen Iverson, and a little bit of containment of Zach Randolph and Brandon Roy will also be needed. I still am having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that this team is on a four-game skid, but hey, that’s life in the NBA and when you don’t play fundamental defense it should be expected that another group of professionals will put your lights out.

My simple prescription goes right along the lines of taking two Advil and calling me in the morning. Denver needs to keep a team from scoring a hundred points just this once if the Nuggets are to be victorious tonight against the Blazers. Is that too much to ask? Portland only averages about 95 points anyways, and it’s not like I’m asking for the Suns to be held in check, sheesh! It kinda goes along the same lines that Doug Moe has always said when he states, “The first team to a hundred wins almost every time,” but only in this case I think it will be the team that keeps the other from getting there that wins this one. Go Nuggets!

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