Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oh Great! Just What this Struggle Needed

(Boulder-CO) At first J.R. Smith was optimistic about his injured knee. Now is reporting that J.R. will miss the next three to four weeks with torn cartilage in his left knee.

With AI seemingly healthy again, ‘Melo playing some of the best basketball of his young career, Nene emerging as a beast in the middle, and Camby finally back this couldn’t have come a worse time. Chemistry problems have been plaguing this team since, well, forever and now Coach George Karl will have another rubics cube for a roster to twist and turn. Only this time, along with all the other puzzles to be solved, he will have to find a perimeter scorer to replace J.R. now that he will miss the next three to four weeks with torn cartilage in his left knee.

Go ahead and let all your expletives out now because this may just be the kind of bad omen that predicates a complete breakdown for the Nuggets. They have all the excuses, (injuries, suspensions, and trade shake-ups) that anyone could have foreseen and if a team is only as good as its last showing… The Nuggets are on a one way ticket to nowhere, FAST!


Stumbleweed said...

I'm crossing my fingers that Dermarr will play well. He's our only hope to salvage this season after this news. He played well against the Spurs bench last night (don't pop the corks yet), and he's the PERFECT guy for the job physically since he's so tall and athletic... But I don't think he's the kind of guy you want to pin your playoff hopes to -- I hope he proves me wrong.

Where's Blake's shooting? All we need him to do is hit 3-4 open jumpers every game, and we're not getting it... Really frustrating to see every other team in the league nail wide-open jumpers (mostly ones that we gave up to them with our crappy perimeter defense) while we clang them off the rim on the regular.

See you Friday at 142. As I said, hopefully the beer(s) aren't solely to numb the pain.

Jason said...

Yep, just what we needed. I swear, there are those that think this team has a curse, and now I am starting to believe it. This will really hurt our chemistry, and we have absolutely no outside shooting now. Let's hope DJ can step up. This stinks!

Nugg Doctor said...

Hey Stumble,

I can't wait to meet the first Nugg Doctor reader that has had the guts to seek me out and want to share a beer.

See ya Friday night!

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor