Monday, February 5, 2007

Nuggets vs. Suns Preview

(Boulder-CO) I hate to say this, Nuggets Nation, but the chances of the Nuggets emerging victorious tonight are slim and none. And slim might have already bolted for somewhere a lot warmer than Denver! My reasoning is from the reports that Marcus Camby is going to be a scratch due to a groin strain, Reggie Evans will not play because he has a tweaked ankle, and Allen Iverson is a game-time decision, according to NBA TV, with rumors swirling around his bum ankle and physical condition due to a spat with the flu. My only question is could it get any worse or does Denver have to shoot all their jumpers left handed too?

In any event, there is no snowstorm to contend with this time around and the game will most definitely be played. I usually never do this, but tonight would be a good game for you to head over to Doc’s Sports Services and place a bet against the Nuggets. I just do not see anyway possible, especially since the Nuggets will be seriously handicapped on defense and maybe offense, that Denver can win this game. Phoenix is such a tough squad and has been the winners of 36 of their last 41 games since starting out the season 3-9.

Basically this is all you need to know; Phoenix just has a ton of weapons. Leandro Barbosa is lightening in a bottle, Amare Stoudemire is a monster, Boris Diaw is about as versatile of a 6’8” player as they come not named Carmelo Anthony or Lebron James, Shawn Marion is, cough, an All-Star, Raja Bell shoots 43% from downtown, and they have this guy named Steve Nash that has won the NBA MVP two years running and also leads the league in assists. Can you say, “Scary good?” Say it with me now, “Scar-y good.”

If there ever was a time that I would gladly be wrong it would be now. Wins are becoming scarce for the Nuggets, but I just do not see this one materializing. My best advice is to “Know thy Enemy” by checking out these great Phoenix Suns blogs. See if there is any chink in the Suns’ armor that I have missed. I’m welcoming ideas as to how the Nuggets can win tonight’s game in the comment section.

Know thy Enemy,

And don’t forget to tell ‘em, The Nugg Doctor sent ya!


btalk said...

Gee, Nugg do you really feel??!!!!!!!

Geerten said...

NuggDoc, u probably right, but keep in mind the game vs. Washington on the day the suspensions were announced: Denver played without Melo, J.R. and NĂȘne, all of whom were suspended. They played an uninjured Wizards-squad, but managed to lead all night (although it got close near the end...) while starting with Camby and Miller alongside Yak, Kleiza and Eddie...

That Washington team they beat, crushed the Nuggets a couple of days earlier by 29 and, two games later, managed to snap that 15-game winning-streak held by a certain team from Phoenix.

So, once again... you are probably right, but always be ready for the unthinkable to happen...

Keep up the nice work.

Seth said...

If the Knicks can lose by 5, the nuggs can surely lose by like...3.

Stumbleweed said...

Haha... well, they got beat by a Boozer-less Utah team, so I think it's within the realm of possibility that we can get the win. Everything I've heard (, etc.) is that Marcus, AI, and Reggie are all game-time decisions. I'm just hoping Marcus and AI can play at least, as we'll need his interior presence to defend Amare and AI's speed to keep the tempo going against a very fast Phoenix team. We're really going to have to run and get turnovers (no easy task with Nash on the floor) to get fast breaks tonight. Good thing Phoenix plays defense almost as badly as we do... the game should at least be exciting, even if we lose it.

I think JR will have a good game, because Raja Bell is probably out, and he's basically their only quality perimeter defender (Marion is okay, but he'll likely be on Melo). Look for JR to get some open threes and lanes to the basket. I like his defense and aggressiveness lately -- that's what we need from him, especially when Melo is having an off-night.

Oh ye of little faith. Let's just keep hope alive -- you never know what can happen.