Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nuggets vs. Mavericks Preview

(Boulder-CO) After a long night against the Jazz, Denver’s road doesn’t get any easier with a trip to Dallas to match-up with the streaking Mavs. Dallas has been dominating the entire league after starting the season 0-4 and has since gone on winning streaks of thirteen, eleven, eight, and the current ten-gamer they are on now bringing their overall record to a league best 45-9. And if the Nuggets do not put together a more inspired effort than they have been showing in their last few games this one could get ugly. Real ugly.
The Nuggets have lost the last two match-ups these teams have had this season and to add insult to injury have been the losers of the last 17 of 18 games against Dallas on the Mavs’ turf.

But those types of things always tend to lean towards a team breaking such streaks, right?
After watching the lack of team chemistry, the ole-defensive tactics, and enough stagnation of offense to make me wonder if the TiVo has been paused I would have to say that this game is all but a lock for the Mavs. I would love to be wrong, but that is my honest-gut feeling.

Tip is set for 7 pm MST. Go Nuggets! Try not to become a name on the Mavericks’ hit list.

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