Friday, September 8, 2006

Done Deals and Deals Pending

(Boulder-CO) I have been covering the rumors that Reggie Evans will be signing a multi-year deal with the Nuggets. The latest and greatest in developments in that story indicate that Reggie will be signed and the deal will be worth $18-24 million as reported by the Denver Post. The question now becomes who will be traded from this front line? The Nuggets will have 14 players signed when Evans scribbles his name, and that includes eight power forwards and/or centers. It doesn’t take a basketball genius to realize that someone has got to go!

I have been all over Nuggets message boards, mainly, talking with Nuggets faithful about who they would like to see gone. The names that keep popping up are Kenyon Martin and Eduardo Najera. As we all know, Martin has had his woes with the Nuggets and if he is healthy will probably fetch the best trade in return. The reason why I think Najera is a good compliment in this potential trade is he is just not athletic enough to really be part of what the Nuggets are doing. There is no question that Eduardo is all heart. But I just look at the roster, and think he is the odd man out.

I will be keeping my ear to the streets, my sources close, and my eyes reading every available resource on this hot topic in Denver. Nuggets fans will be looking at almost an entirely different team when all is said and done this off season and it would appear that they are only getting better with every move. Landing a great shooting guard would really solidify this team and give Nuggets fans some much needed optimism for the 2006-07 season.

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"rem" said...

given the fragile state of the frontcourt donchya think they should hang on to as many big boys as they can...

they can all ride the merry-go-round injury list, everyone will get their turn and then dump one or more as the end of season approaches