Monday, September 11, 2006

Could a Storm be Brewing?

(Boulder-CO) With the Denver Nuggets current roster where it is there has got to be a trade in the near future. The Nuggets can not start the 2006-2007 season with only three legitimate guards. Andre Miller and Earl Boykins are most likely going to have to shoulder the majority of the load at point guard. But J.R. Smith can not be solely accountable to fill out the two spot. So as I have eluded to, even before the signing of another big in Reggie Evans, there could be a serious storm brewing that could end with a major roster mix up.

I can't even imagine what kind of shape this team would be in if Andre Miller were to be inactive. Even though he has one of the longest current streaks of consecutive games played anything could happen and this team would be crippled without him. Earl Boykins is not the kind of guard that can play 25 minutes plus, and that leaves nobody else to substitute. Obviously, you see what I'm getting at.

The only problem with this is free agent shooting guards could be the thinnest group of free agents in entire league. Some of the best available are veterans like Jim Jackson in Los Angeles and the long time Sacramento King Doug Christie. Obviously, neither of those two aging careers really fit with what the Nuggets are trying to do. So that means that something else by means of trade will have to occur. I think that by the end of the week the Nuggets will have the ball moving, but for now, Nuggets fans have to sit and wait. However, one thing is certain. Just as black thunderheads creep over the Rocky Mountains. There is a dark cloud still lingering over this team because even though positive things have been happening this off-season. There is still some changes to be weathered.

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