Monday, September 11, 2006

Get Your Cotton Candy and Corn Dogs

(Boulder-CO) Good morning to the NBA Blogosphere. I have sent out an extensive email to many of you, but I wanted those who might be interested, and who are not on the Airset mailer, to know that I am hosting the 36th Carnival of the NBA right here on The Nugg Doctor. If you are interested in participating please send me your submission by Friday, September 15th. The Carnival will officially drop on the following Monday, but I will use the weekend to put on the finishing touches. The Email address that you may submit your piece to is If you do not want to submit a piece, but still want to participate, send me a link to your site that I will put in my links section. I will be writing a sub-section of this Carnival with the names off all the sites that choose to participate in this manner so everyone can get some publicity. All I ask is that you also mutually link to The Nugg Doctor. In closing, I hope that everyone has a safe and productive week.

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