Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Congratulations to Papa Carmelo and Mama La La!

(Boulder-CO) Sometimes it is nice to get a story like this one. The Nuggets All-World forward Carmelo Anthony is an expectant father. He and fiancĂ© La La, a MTV VJ, have confirmed that they have a baby due in March of 2007. The two love birds have been engaged since Christmas of 2004, and plan on being married after the birth of their child. La La has been a MTV VJ on TRL, and ‘Melo, among other things, is behind the record label Kross Over Entertainment. May their child be healthy and happy with best wishes from The Nugg Doctor.


BTalk said...

So would the cliche' "He shoots, he scores" be appropriate here??

Nugg Doctor said...


I believe so!

gucchi said...

so with Melo and Lala, a naming contest would be in order Dr. wouldn't you think? Congrats to the couple.

Nugg Doctor said...


You pose an interesting question... With two such unique names, I can only imagine what kind of name will be decided on for the baby. Maybe it is a good idea to open up the forum for a contest.

The Nugg Doctor

Jon-Michael said...

Was this just announced? I remember reading 6-7 weeks ago in the RMN before the start of the season about this. Not to mention Chris Marlowe making reference to it more than once during a broadcast of a game when LaLa has been in attendance this season. Knowing this was happening, I read the headline and thought she had the baby already. I was a bit deceived.

Nugg Doctor said...

Sorry for the confusion, Jon Michael. The post states that their child is due sometime in March of 2007.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor