Saturday, September 16, 2006

Welcome to the 36th Carnival of the NBA!

(Boulder-CO) Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to the 36th Carnival of the NBA! We are all very anxious for the 2006-07 season to begin, but until then we keep this traveling group of entertainers, oddities, and artists on display here at The Nugg Doctor. There is a sucker, um I mean winner, born every minute. So don't be shy folks, step right up and indulge your senses in the finest collection that the NBA blogosphere has ever seen!
Be sure to stop at all this Carnival has to offer, and enjoy your stay at NBA Carnival 36: Nugg Doctor Style!
~This Carnival features rare oddities from around globe~
~ Natalie at reminds us what would happen if Rasheed Wallace and Jimi Hendrix were in a cloning experiment gone terribly wrong...Here
~ Marvel at the foreign games of Jose Calderon Here and Garbajosa Here thanks to an old Carnival friend at
~ Be informed about student athletes Here a la
~ "Ring Master" Jim Dunn remembers the possibly terminated career of Toni Kukoc Here and updates the Detroit Pistons front office personnel Here.
~ Brian Lucas has a beast of a feature on Amare Here courtesy of
~ Jeff at tickles Carnival seekers' with some preconceived notions Here.
~ Friends at keep us up on fashion Here.
~ Loy's place holds it down with some Celtic Pride Here and I highly suggest you check out the site
~ Justin at reminds us why you can never drink enough Red Bull and Vodka Here. Even if it means you end up a main attraction at a Carnival!
~ Kurt in Lakerland remembers the great Jaamal Wilkes Here.
~ Sonia at offers up this in relation to spillage.
~ Nels at dives deep into my reality with this fantasy look at the beloved Nuggets.
~ And last, but certainly not in danger of being left behind when this traveling circus packs up and leaves, is Jason of who takes time out to ponder why the playoffs are so elusive for the Warriors with a twist of Don Nelson Here.
What Carnival would be complete without a side show attraction of the less fortunate for you to gawk at? Well, here at The Nugg Doctor we like to call those who make this list, "The lonely Lost-Links of the NBA". These are some great sites that didn't have much to feature because they themselves are the main attraction. Enjoy!
And there you have it, The 36th Carnival of the NBA. It has been a great pleasure to host this edition and I hope that everyone enjoys the last few calm days of the off season because the 2006-07 season is right around the corner. Thanks to all of you who contributed and may we all be safe in the future. Until next time...


Nugg Doctor said...

NBA Writers-

Anyone else that would like to mutually link up with The Nugg Doctor is more than welcome to do so. "Shoot" me an Email letting me know that you have updated your link game and I will do the same. Happy reading!

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nanananana said...

this is awsome! Love all the links, the dwarf carnie, and I look forward to riding all the reads!!! GO NUGG DOCTOR!