Friday, September 15, 2006

Nuggets Gonzo for Bonzi Part II

(Boulder-CO) Just as I predicted, give me a second to totally toot my own horn, it is the end of the week and the Nuggets are really starting to get aggressive with the hunt for a shooting guard. This time they are making some serious waves as they try to land Bonzi Wells, again. Since the original article on this potential acquisition posted the Nuggets have signed Reggie Evans. This means that the Nuggets will have to engineer a sign and trade deal if this is at all a reality. The Nuggets have very little room to maneuver with the NBA luxury tax putting them in a financial headlock.

Bonzi is a ten year veteran of this league. He has shown in last year’s playoffs that he is still capable of being just as explosive as the first few days out of Ball State University. Every source that I contact thinks that the Nuggets are a team that are only a shooting guard away from being a straight up beast in the west. Huge front line. Superstar in Carmelo. Best shot blocking center in the game. Most reliable point guard in the NBA. All these things add up to potential greatness…If the Nuggets can fill this void at shooting guard. It is now up to the newly organized front office of the Nuggets to slide a couple of players in Sacramento’s direction, without giving up anyone too crazy, to land wells. Maybe like Kenyon Martin, Eduardo Najera, and that second round pick we traded Leon Powe to the Celtics for. If that happens, then we will all know that I really do have a crystal ball!

On quasi-related grounds, several teams including the Golden State Warriors and Portland Trailblazers are expressing interest in DerMarr Johnson. Check my last few posts if you want the skinny on what I think is going to happen to DerMarr.

Carnival is coming folks, I repeat, Carnival is coming!

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"rem" said...

sure Denver needs some help at SG but is Bonzi the answer... not sure about that.

the Nuggets still don't have the perimeter shooter that will open up the floor

Bonzi might fit in with this crazy cast of characters (K-Mart & co.) and play some hustling defense and leave no rebound go untouched but the same thing that hurt the Nuggets in the playoffs (defenders collapsing in the key) last year will be reproduced in the coming season unless some shooters are in position stretching the defense

Were no lessons learned from team USA?