Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Eddie Can Read the Writing on the Wall

(Boulder-CO) Nuggets forward Eduardo Najera is the featured story in a La Voz article in Mexico. Due to only having high school Spanish language comprehension, I can not deliver the entire jest, if you will, but the underlining story is the crowding the Nuggets have in their front line. The one quote from www.hoopshype.com that is in English has Eduardo stating, “The team has a lot of talent, but the thing that concerns me is there are nine players fighting to get a spot in the paint. Not enough minutes for everyone, I think.”

With a surfeit of trade rumors circulating almost non stop this off season, and the collection of forwards and centers the Nuggets have amassed, I think that Najera can read the writing on the wall. Interesting in connection with this story is Bonzi Wells is rumored to be very close to landing a deal with the Houston Rockets. The Rockets are a team that do not have much bulk in their front court, and I would not be surprised even if Bonzi signs with Houston, if he ends up with Denver in a sign and trade. I still stand firm on the guys that I think will be traded by the start of the season being Martin and Najera. Connecting the imaginary lines for a moment, it makes sense for the Rockets to be looking to acquire some of the Nuggets bigs.

Najera is a player that plays much better than his physical gifts may permit him. He is a consistent hustler, great locker room presence, and plays on heart every minute he touches the floor. He offers a team his services with very little maintenance. He is not a guy who is going to complain about minutes, touches, or shots. He does what he can in the minutes he earns. If Eddie does get traded, he will be missed in Denver.

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