Thursday, September 14, 2006

Until Death Do Us Part

(Boulder-CO) The newest statements out of Kenyon Martin have me feeling a spectrum of emotions not quite explainable. In today’s Rocky Mountain News, Martin has made statements that are both promising and worrisome. The main problem is, just like last season’s game-by-game mood swings, Nuggets fans just don’t know what to expect.

The article starts out with Martin stating, “I'm not making any promises on numbers, wins or how I'm going to perform, but I'm going to be a better player than I have been the previous two years.” For those of you who can’t remember what the Nuggets were hopefully getting when they acquired Kenyon from New Jersey. Let me refresh your memory. In the 2003-04 season, Kenyon averaged 16.7 points, 2.5 assists, and 9.4 rebounds before his number slipped to 12 points, one assist, and six boards last season. Not to mention all the tantrums, pouting, and his on-again, off-again choice in game appearances. But the above statement makes me optimistic. It seams like he is ready to just play ball.

So could Martin be turning over a new leaf or is this just a smoke screen fogging up what we have already seen?

When asked about his season ending suspension in the playoffs Martin does semi-assume some of the blame. He states, “Some of it I brought upon myself. I'm able to deal with that. I'm a man. I can deal with the decisions I make. I made a decision, which at the time, seemed right. Things happen in the spur of the moment. Push it under the rug and move on.”

Push it under the rug? WOW, I would sure love to ask some of the other Nuggets if they feel the same way. Anywho, it definitely looks like K-Mart is going to be a Nugget to start the season. I have to hope for the best outcome, not just for Kenyon’s sake, but for the sake of this franchise and its goals of reaching the upper echelon of this league. I have been very vocal about my position on Kenyon Martin and am not going to revoke the things that I have published, but he has a lot of fences to mend. A job that can start by resuming his once All-Star caliber of play seen in New Jersey.


BTalk said...

I totally agree with you on this. But, remember when we acquired Kenyon, he also assured us his knee would be sound...hmmmm. Hey Kenyon, "Actions speak louder..awe, nevermind

Nugg Doctor said...


Yes, I also agree that actions speak louder than words and would like to offer this. I just recently read a great article that made a great point about guys who "reform" themselves or want to "right" bad situations and do a lot of talking about their "reform" or desire to "right" things. Just keep your mouth shut and prove to the fans, your team, and yourself that you are a reformed guy or that you want to the best out of the situation. All the talk in the world means nothing if you don't lead by example. In this case, it is put up or shut up, (or should I say ship out), time for Kenyon Martin.

The Nugg Doctor