Sunday, February 12, 2006

Best of the Best: The Doctor Dissects Who is the Best in NBA

(FortCollins-CO) With the All-Star weekend looming in the near future. The Doctor has taken a close look at the league, its stars, and developed a system to decide who is the best overall player in the league. The answer might surprise you. The Doctor’s system breaks down like this; all statistical categories are rounded up at .5, points per game are worth their value, assists are worth two, and rebounds are worth .5. I will discuss the top three players and what they mean to their teams, and where I evaluate their careers.

The third best player in the NBA, according to the system, is… Kobe Bryant. He checks out at a 46 overall. Bryant is leading the league in scoring at 34.5 points per game, and has recently scored an amazing 81 points in a single game. Second in history only to Wilt Chamberlain’s Herculean effort in Hershey, PA. Kobe is also adding 4.4 assists and 5.5 rebounds. Simply stated, he is producing amazing numbers regardless of era, career numbers, or championships. Kobe Bryant has re-invented himself and is experiencing freedom from Shaq, the pressures of winning another NBA championship, and the salacious public eye that is created out of scandal. Bravo Kobe, Bravo.

Runner-up this year is Lebron James. In only his third NBA season Lebron is the closest thing to Magic Johnson-esque as wearing Converse. Plus, he has a long-range game that commands respect. King James rings in at 48.5. Lebron is averaging 30.9 points per game (third in the league), 6.5 assists, and 7.0 boards. More than the amazing numbers he is constantly lighting scoreboards up with is the character that this young man exudes. He has never been involved with scandal. His marketing potential is through the roof and he always thanks his mother. Move over Grant Hill, Lebron is re-inventing the word “Nice.”

And winning the title of best player in the league, in a split decision over Lebron James, is…drum roll please… Allen Iverson. The Answer also checked in at 48.5, but the decision came down to assist to turnover ratio as a tiebreaker. Lebron clocked out at +2.0, while Iverson edged him out with a +2.3. The Answer is averaging 33.3 points per game (second overall), 7.4 assists, and 3.3 rebounds. He gets the nod as best player in the league because of his efficiency in the assist to turnover ratio and is coincidentally having his best year in that category. With Larry Brown gone to New York, I think that AI is playing loose and free with artistic cognition. His game is a joy to watch. He is so quick he often times makes his opponent look down right silly and who can argue with numbers? Congrats Mr. Iverson, you are having an All-World year and we are aware of it.


Anonymous said...

Yo this is J from D-Town

I like the way the Doctor gives the skinny straight up with no fluff. He is dialed in to what is goin' on with this team and says what the fans are all thinking.

AI is one of my favorite players. Nice system for breaking down who is the best player in the NBA. I would of never guessed that AI was having his best year in assist to turnover ratio.

Ninam4840 said...

Oh Doc. You never fail me in stating the truth huh? Well I guess I dont have an opinion on who is the best, but I would have to say that all the players you have mentioned doc are very good players and all have very good qualities that they bring to the NBA. I love disputable blogs like this.