Friday, February 10, 2006

Shame, Shame Carmelo Snubbed for All-Star Game

(FortCollins-CO) So it is official. Carmelo Anthony has been overlooked in favor of players that play on garbage teams, have been injured, and down right don’t deserve to be there (at least not this year). Who might you ask? Well the Doctor has some good reasoning behind what is about to be said and quite frankly is appalled by some of these approvals for the game. Just goes to show you that the All-Star game is merely a popularity contest, so ‘Melo don’t worry about it too much.

I’ll start out by making my case for Anthony. This is his best year yet in such a young career. Every statistical category is up from last year. Most impressive is how he is doing it with little to no consistent help from a laundry list of injuries to critical players. Furthermore, the Nuggets lead their division. He has played through some nicks all year long and has graced us with one of the leagues most spectacular, in-your-mug, throw downs of the year. Just ask Theo Ratliff. I’ll bet he remembers.

Now, its time for the Doctor to make his case against some of the non-deserving players on the roster that are sitting in ‘Melo’s seat. Let us start by examining the chair held by Tracy McGrady. They are nearly identical in points per game. Carmelo is shooting 46% from the field while T-Mac is shooting 41%. Melo has played in 50 games, McGrady only 36. Carmelo’s team is winning their division and McGrady’s is renting the basement in theirs. Both men have had their center hurt. Melo is winning and his numbers are up. Tracy is losing and his numbers are down. Seems like a no-brainer. Tracy McGrady is an awe-inspiring player, but it wasn’t his turn this year.

Next is Ray Allen. Ray is scoring less and shooting a worse percentage doing it. His team is second to last in the division and I don’t care how silky smooth your jumper is. If it doesn’t go in, it is merely nice to watch while you lose. Now I know that Allen is a guard and ‘Melo technically is a forward, but in this case give me a break. Who would you rather have? I haven’t heard a peep out of Seattle or Allen all season.

Everyone knows that the All-Star game is merely a popularity contest (Yao Ming isn’t that great). The more you’ve been in the spotlight the better chance you have of being voted in. I feel that Anthony has been overlooked because of other player’s media appeal and previous All-Star selections. It’s not a perfect world and not a perfect system. One thing for sure is when Seattle and Houston are watching TV come May, 'Melo will be in the playoffs. Not giving too much thought about mid February’s classic. It’s a shame that some new blood wasn’t given the benefit of the doubt. It sure would seem like he deserved it!


PizzaDaHutt said...

Maybe 'smello should think about playing defense. And maybe getting rid of those knee-high socks.

Nugg Doctor said...

Hey pizzadahutt is back!

I love the banter pizza, keep it up. As long as your readin', I'll keep writin'!

cheryl said...

Dear Dr Nugg-everyone hates a winner, remember the Bulls??? What about M Jordan-do you remember when everyone hated him/them? Mello will have his day, it is only a matter of time and short time at that! GO DENVER! Let the nay sayers nay, the proof will be playoffs and I agree with your prognosis. Keep up the great diagnosis'. The prescription is hard play and you have nailed it. The prognosis is win, team win, now come on team, prescribe to the wins!

Nugg Doctor said...

In reply to Pizzadahutt's question from previous article:

"League" as defined by Webster's New Dictionary of the English Language: 1.An association or alliance for a common purpose. 2. Class or category.

Any more questions?

Anonymous said...

What does Melo have to do? Its to bad he aleays seems to get the shaft wether on the olympic team with Larry Brown, or this years all star game. I mean Ray allen were has he been all year. Its to bad to see him left out after putting forth his best season yet. Hopefully he shows everyone how deserving he really was and end this season even better then he started it. So next year he wont be so easily looked over for some people pleasing big names from the past who arent even on the radar this NBA season.

Richard said...

maybe you should get a clue. Denver is not even close to winning their division (this was just a retarded statement) McGrady has the 4th best team in the west, and hes not playing with another allstar like iverson. Houston is also on a 4 game winning streak. Retard blogs like this shut be blocked.

Nugg Doctor said...

Hey Richard... Maybe you should adjust your settings and view the date of this post... These are last year's numbers, genius, and if your were to be aware of what is actually going on on this blog you would have recognized that. You don't get points for being ignorant!

Thanks for reading regardless of trying to put me on blast!

The Nugg Doctor