Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Nuggets Never Get Started, Deficit Too Deep

(FortCollins-CO) The Denver Nuggets hosted the Milwaukee Bucks and put out the good china, fine wine, and appetizers. Milwaukee played the roll of ungrateful guest perfectly by coming into the Pepsi Center and putting the Nuggets so far behind by halftime the game was virtually over. I hate having to write these kinds of recaps because there just wasn’t very much positive to focus on. The Nuggets lost 110-89.

The first half of the game was essentially a jailbreak for the Denver Nuggets on defense. The Nuggets were outscored 69-45 at intermission. They were out rebounded, hustled, and scored with ease by the Bucks. The consequences of the lackadaisical defense were three fold. With no identity on the defensive end the Nuggets never got any type of fast break going, were beat up on the offensive glass, and allowed easy ten to twelve foot jump shots for the first 24 minutes. It looked as if the Nuggets were expecting the likes of Michael Redd and rookie Andrew Bogut to shoot 25% collectively. Bogut would finish 8-10 and Redd 7-16 respectively, while the rest of the Milwaukee Bucks followed suit by all shooting a high percentage.

Consequentially for the Nuggets, with no fast break they struggled to get anything going consistently on the offensive end of the floor. The only Nugget to shoot 50% from the floor and score double digits was Marcus Camby. No Nugget snatched double digits in rebounds and Andre Miller had an uncharacteristic night turning the ball over five times while dishing eleven assists. Carmelo Anthony was held to 19 points; nearly seven below his season average and as a team the Nuggets were 1-11 from downtown. As for reasons why Denver was unable to right the ship; Defense creates offensive opportunities; Good offensive opportunities lead to easy scores; Scoring is contagious and all of this was illusive.

There is absolutely no reason to dwell on this game. If you’re George Karl you just have to tell your troops that sometimes this kind of thing happens and to forget about it. The NBA is not an exact science. Now it is more important to figure out a way to slay the looming giant in the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday night. If the Nugget’s track record is any indication they will bounce right back and rise to the challenge of one the league’s top teams (remember the win against the Mavericks?).
While I was disappointed in tonight’s overall picture, there were some positives that should be given praise. Rueben Patterson came off the bench and added eight points and two steals in 24 minutes. His teammate Reggie Evans grabbed eight boards in 16 minutes. Both men were effective in their debuts and were received with warmth by the home crowd. Resilience will be the key if the Nuggets want to beat Detroit. I know that the aforementioned is a tall order, but I have a hunch (albeit a small one) that we are going to be in for a thriller on Wednesday night. The Nuggets need to reset, regroup, and come out firing. Let’s go Denver, Let’s go!


nanananana said...

Yes, they got their china broke! The best part of the game was the Mello recap of the best pull outs in the last seconds but Dr. you wouldn't know that because you were at the game and it was during the half that they showed Mello's triumphs.

PizzaDaHutt said...

Yes how will the nuggs do against Detroit? thats a good question. I'm willing to bet that they will get beat up badly. Detroit just plays harder like college kids. Look for Hamilton to have a field day whether Miller is asked to guard him or Billups it doesn't matter.

Hey Doc, do you think it will be a nice battle between 'Mello and Prince (in that case 'Mello might win the battle, but Detroit would win the war). The two Wallace's are too much to handle for Camby I think.

PizzaDaHutt said...

Hey Nanananana, no one cares about 'Mello's triumphs of hitting winning shots in meaningless games. The only triumph people want to see is 'Mello holding up the NBA World Champiionship trophy while being soaked in champagne. He did it in college.

Nugg Doctor said...

The Nuggets have a huge task ahead of them tonight. I refuse to say that the Nuggets will lose in any circumstance, but they must bring the top shelf stuff tonight if they want to have a chance to win down the stretch. Prince is a second team All-NBA defender and might possibly be the best shut down man in the game. Melo is instant offense.....

Only time will tell Pizza

Brick said...

So true...it was excellent to see this win against the Pistons. Likewise it was great to see how the Nuggets big names can work together and be successful. Let's see if George can keep their intensity and team play going. Even though the Nuggets are in a subpar division if George can continue to enstill this type of hard work they may go somewhere in the playoffs.

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