Saturday, February 11, 2006

Nuggets Snap Longest Winning Streak of NBA Season

(FortCollins-CO) The Denver Nuggets righted the ship on Friday night by beating the Dallas Mavericks 113-104 at the Pepsi Center. Denver got out to a smart start by creating turnovers, hitting the defensive glass, and running the floor. Getting a shot in the arm from Andre Miller in the first quarter set the tone for the rest of the game. Miller had three steals that lead to fast break opportunities. This allowed the Nuggets to share the ball in transition and get everyone involved early. The quick continuity allowed the Nuggets to amount 17 fast break points and close the first quarter with a 34-21 lead.

This favorable beginning was to be the recipe for success as the Nuggets were playing with swagger against the hottest team in the NBA. The Dallas Mavericks came into this game allowing a stingy 86 points per game in their previous 13 consecutive wins. A semi-collapse in the second quarter that can be attributed to Jerry Stackhouse, one time NBA scoring champion, coming off the bench and making the game ten points at half was about as close as the Mavericks could muster. Stackhouse ended the game with 20 but was contained by a defensive team effort by the Nuggets. Dirk Nowitzki was also effectively managed to 19 total points, well below his average.

Carmelo Anthony took on a new role of offensive assistance rather than provider by shelling out 10 assists and scoring 24 points. Kenyon Martin had a breakout game by going 14-18 from the field and scoring a game-high 34 when all was said and done. Now I know that I have not been on Martin’s good side, and the Doctor will never flip flop where he stands, but it was nice to see Kenyon step up. Playing with a purpose is nice to see once and awhile, but if you can sit out on Wednesday and score 34 on Friday. How hurt were you? And where was Marcus Camby? Just once the Doctor would like to see the ideal starting five start the game. Maybe after a week off and the All-Star game everyone will be kosher to play.

In hindsight, this game was humungous for the Denver Nuggets. Getting this win and beating one of the hottest and deepest teams in the league should tell the Nuggets that they are capable of being one of the upper echelon teams in the NBA. When the team comes out and produces as a unit they are certainly strong enough to beat anyone. The Nuggets are off today, but are right back in action on Sunday. They need to examine this game film and incorporate the intangibles that got Friday’s win. If they can do that, I see no reason why they shouldn’t start their own winning streak at the cost of Ray Allen and the Supersonics. I expect Carmelo to come out and show the league just how unjust of a decision it was to appoint Allen to the All-Star game instead him. He would never say it, but trust me; it will be on his mind tomorrow night in Key Arena.


Anonymous said...

I like the way you stand you position with Martin. He doesnt get to just wipe his tattered slate clean because of one good game. It takes an effort night in and night out.

Nuggets need to take this feeling and run with it through the last 30 games in the season!

Anonymous said...

OK, so one win in five. I presume Dr. that the prescription is not to "lackluster" now but to continue with the prescription if I hear you correctly. What is with the "kosher" dialect. Like any anitbiotic, ten days at least to kill the infection. Let's just see how it all works out tomorrow and perhaps you will have the antidote for those Nuggets to get on track. Enjoy the evening off, I am hoping that Sunday's cronicle has the same
flavor of Friday nights. I agree that the initial part of the game is critical, why wait...they are better then that.

Nugg Doctor said...

The Kosher expression means that everything is fine. IF the nuggets could start Matin and Camby in the game, it would be quite Kosher!

I give it a fifty/fifty chance on sunday night. Camby has back spasms.

Anonymous said...

To bad for Melo, i hope he shows ray whats up sunday