Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Nuggets Stall Out Before Break

(FortCollins-CO) The Denver Nuggets never got it going tonight against the Phoenix Suns. The slow start and going 0-14 from the three point line didn't help matters. Denver is now licking it's proverbial wounds going into the All-Star break after losing to the Suns 116-101. If there is as silver lining, they don't have to worry about anyone else getting hurt through the weekend.

The Phoenix Suns were a blazing hot 14-25 from downtown and just as blistering from the free throw line not missing a single attempt from the charity stripe. Steve Nash was as effective as ever scoring 19 points and sliding 12 assists. He had a ton of help from all the starters scoring in double digits. Shawn Marion contributed 21 points and 12 assists and Boris Diaw also contributed a double-double with 17 points and ten boards.

The Nuggets were led in efforts by Carmelo Anthony who scored 29 points and grabbed four rebounds. With people hurt and recovering the Nuggets were playing personel that haven't seen action in what seems to be a long time. Subsequently, Byron Russell, Linas Kleiza, and DerMarr Johnson all saw action tonight. No Nugget recorded double figures in two categories, and Kenyon Martin left the game after just nine minutes after he came down awkwardly on his right knee.

The Nuggets were outscored in every quarter except the fourth, when it was a too little too late. They were down 94-68 going into the fourth and by that time Phoenix had taken out the majority of its starters.

So what's next for the Nuggets? The Nugg Doctor perscribes some much needed R&R. The Denver Nuggets need to get healthy and re-group for the final 28 games. They are leading the Northwest division and if the playoffs were to start today. The Nuggets would hold the third seed in the western conference. Not bad, all things being considered. Coach George Karl has done a magnificent juggling act with the starting line-up thus far and has the Nuggets in striking range. Get some rest Denver, you are going to need it to keep hold of the position you have. The western conference is stacked, and everyone is cut throat.


Anonymous said...

Ughhhhhhhhhh, I wanted the Nuggets to win tonight so bad! Three in a row would of been nice, but I cant have my cake and eat it too. Damn, Im hurtin from this loss. I could barely watch it.

Ninam4840 said...

I couldnt believe this loss. What a drag. I hope that they can get with it next time. The intensity and clarity of yoru articles really helps when I am in the heated mood of madness where I wish my team would just win. Great article, as always.

Callin the shots said...

DR. Nick

Good stuff man, too bad you cant call yourself the number one site about the nuggs. WTF is that guys problem what a douche. Oh well that guy probably sucks in real life anyway. L8R

Nugg Doctor said...

In reply to Callin all the shots:

To gain some more fan publicity I let everyone know at that the Nugg Doctor was available. The host of that forum didnt like that the Doctor thinks that his articles are the best insight into the Nuggets. That is fine by the Doc because it's all just a matter of opinion anyway. Great to see you on the site Callin... Check back for a breakdown of the slamdunk contest on Saturday night!

nuggetshoops said...

Actually, I think its just fine that you think your articles on the Nuggets are the best. You just came on a bit strong with your first ever post at my site, and it came across as rude. Anyway, it's fine and Nuggets fans should stick together, so I'm happy to say that I read a few of your articles tonight and enjoyed them.

Keep up the good work, and go Nuggs!

Nugg Doctor said...

In reply to Nuggetshoops:

Thank you very much for reading my articles and I appreciate your linking me on your site. I agree that Nuggs fans should always stick together.