Wednesday, March 21, 2007

For All the Fantasy Nuts Out There

(Boulder-CO) Fantasy junkies be put on notice: I am now, or very shortly will be, going to be the official Nuggets commentary and insight source for It is a really fresh website, that is free to join, where Pro Trade gives every player on the Nuggets, and NBA,NFL,MLB, and NCAA for that matter, a value like a stock. You can sign up and trade players “Fantasy Style” with other traders and see how much you know about your favorite names in hopes of assimilating a huge “Portfolio” of your favorite pro athletes.

Currently Allen Iverson is worth over $250.00 and Carmelo Anthony is valued at over $225.00! You can see what the rest of the Nuggets are worth by clicking here and as I said before it is completely free! You can even win some sweet rewards for creating a worthy collection of top-notch players.

You already get the best Nuggets news and insight from me, so what are you waiting for? Get over to and start having some fun!

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