Friday, March 30, 2007

Nuggets vs. Suns Preview

(Boulder-CO) When trying to figure out whether or not the Suns getting blown out last night at the hands of the G-State Warriors was a good thing or a bad thing for the Nuggets I had a lot of things to weigh into the equation. First of all, the Suns have already won their division and clinched a playoff birth. This leads me to believe that they are not playing their most inspired basketball of the year at this point and may be trying to figure a few things out before the playoffs start. On the contrary to that point is how they gave up more than 30 points in three of the first four quarters last night, including a 45-point first quarter while being blow out. Makes me wonder…

Another thing to consider is how they gave up 56 points in the paint to the Warriors who have, excuse me Al Harrington and Andris Biedrins, little to no offensive threats with their bigs. Could this mean that the Nuggets will surely have a hay-day with Carmelo and Nene in the low post?

Now on to the final and most vulnerable point to exploit when playing the Suns. Mildly put… The Phoenix Suns play terrible defense. Defense so bad it makes the Nuggets look like the 1989 Detroit Pistons. Their idea of transition D is to make it back in time to start their own fast break off a made bucket! And as a result of that the Warriors were able to score 33 fast break points last night, and at one point build a 25-point lead before a small fourth quarter collapse made last night’s game a lot closer than it actually was.

All of these points could be areas to emphasize if the Nuggets are to steal a win from one of the strongest teams in the league, or it could have been just a bad night for the Suns. You make the call, Nuggets Nation.

Who’s hot?

Nene has been playing like a man possessed. In his last five games, “Big Brazil’ is averaging 16 points, nearly 12 rebounds, almost 2 assists, and nearly two blocks. He has also hit 22-29 free-throw attempts and has not fouled out of a single game. He is the only true center we have on offense, (Marcus Camby is more of a shooting guard with all his outside set-shots), and without him the Nuggets would only have Carmelo as a lowpost threat.

Who’s cold?

Allen Iverson has not been efficient in the scoring column. Over his last five games, the Answer has shot a dismal 30-70 from the field while averaging 18 points per game. He is 3-15 from downtown, averaging less than a steal per game, and grabbing a rebound and a half per 40-plus minutes of game time. The Nuggets need him to at least score 20 a night if they are to be potent on offense and lately it just hasn’t been happening. Aside from 31 against the Bulls, AI hasn’t really gotten out of the mid teens. And aside from a 12 assist showing in the win against Cleveland, Iverson hasn’t dished out more than eight dimes including an uncharacteristically low three assists in the Toronto Raptor circus.

And now if I may, not that anyone is going to stop me, I have to go on a rant about comments made by George Karl after the loss to the Sonics. Not-so furious George mentioned something of the effect that fatigue played a roll in the Nuggets losing to the Ray Allen-less Sonics. My reaction, which was also the reaction of the local news reporter, was absolute indignation!

The Nuggets didn’t practice on Tuesday after getting home from the long road trip, the Sonics were the ones that just played the night before, (not to mention rallying back from more than 20 down against the Timberwolves to win), and the game was at home; meaning that the Nuggets had little to no travel time! Fatigue? Are you blaming fatigue!?!? I think the only ones fatigued are the few loyal Nuggets fans out there who have to watch this one night hot, one night cold team and then tell their therapists about it.

Ok, now I feel a lot better.

May our efforts tonight block out the Suns. Go, Nuggets!

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Jason said...

Nugg Doctor, I hope Denver can take it too the Sung again, but I have a bad feeling about this game. Denver laid a goose egg the other night, so maybe they will be motivated. But...the Suns will be extra motivated not only because of their bad showing last night, but also because of what happened in Denver earlier this month. But maybe the Suns are just playing bad basketball, and we will be able to take advantage. Who knows - Go Nuggets!

As far as Karl's comments, I am sick of them as well. Sometimes to me it seems that Karl is not the right fit for coach of this team. Than other times I feel he does a good job considering all the issues. But it seems this team is classic for making excuses. Yes, the year has been frustrating, but enough about excuses. At least we had a almost full compliment of players against Seattle. Enough excuses!!!