Monday, March 19, 2007

A Little KJ for Your Monday Morning

(Boulder-CO) I mentioned in my St. Patty's Day Massacre article that Allen Iverson's 44 point-15 assist performance was the first of it's kind since Kevin Johnson had 42 points and 17 assists in 1994. So, fittingly here is your obligatory Kevin Johnson youtube clip! KJ was one of my favorite players growing up and who can forget those Converse with the React Juice!?


Jake L said...

Hey nuggdoctor, ever since the suns game i have heard a lot about marion saying something about melo and the all star game. I obviously missed what he said so do you or anyone know what marion exactly said?

Nugg Doctor said...

Hey Johnny,

While I can not find the exact quote from Marion I can quasi relate what it was about. He essentially called Carmelo Anthony a lazy player. In so many words, he commented about Carmelo as defender and more or less said that he was one dimensional.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor