Saturday, November 17, 2007

Denver Embarrasses New York

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
(Boulder-CO) They say the best revenge is living well. Which I guess, metaphorically speaking in terms of the NBA, would be exactly where the Nuggets are after trampling the Knicks, 115-83. New York is now 2-7 and in the basement of the Atlantic and Denver is now 7-3, riding a five-game winning streak, and currently sitting on top of the Northwest. And while I think that right about sums up how I feel about the whole New York - Denver rivalry, this game was just too satisfying in so many different ways for there not to be a further dissection of the box score.

It must be immediately brought to your attention that the Nuggets have now held their last three opponents (Cavaliers, Trailblazers, and Knicks) to below 40% shooting from the field. In addition, tonight the Nuggets didn’t even give up a twenty-point scorer, forced 17 turnovers directly translating into 18 points, as a team swatted eleven shots, and out rebounded the Knicks, 51-46. Marcus Camby continues to lead the Nuggets charge and tonight squeezed 20 rebounds, passed out six assists, scored six points, and demolished five Knick shots in only 29 minutes.

And it seems as the Nuggets defense gets better and better so does their offense.

Denver held the Knicks to just 40 points in the first half and 43 in the second as they reeled off 25+ in each quarter while book ending New York with 30+ quarters in both the first and the fourth.

Carmelo Anthony finished with a game-high 24 points fitting nicely with his game-high six assists, three rebounds, and two blocked shots all without even playing in the fourth quarter. He threw an unbelievable behind the neck pass on the fast break to Kenyon Martin for a powerful jam, shot a one-handed bullet pass to Allen Iverson for a reverse lay-up, caught an acrobatic alley-oop from Marcus Camby, and only had one turnover while shooting 11-18 from the field including 2-2 from the land of plenty.

Allen Iverson almost matched ‘Melo in scoring with 23 points and four assists, but Yakhouba Diawara was the only other starter to score in double figures with ten points three rebounds, and three assists.

But the bench was more than enough to keep George Karl satisfied because their tremendous effort meant he didn’t have to play any of his starters more than 35 minutes. Denver’s reserves, led by Linas Kleiza’s 18 points and Bobby Jones’ eight rebounds, combined for 46 points, 18 rebounds, 12 assists, four steals, and only one turnover. Many of them were instrumental in the Nuggets being able to out score the Knicks 28-6 in fast break points, tie this season’s high for assists at 32, and deliver the fifth win by more than 17 points so far this year.

At least this time around Isiah Thomas and his crew took their beating like grown men. There was a moment in the fourth quarter where I had a feeling of déjà vu when Linas Kleiza was out on the dunking end of a run out and I thought something bad might happen. Thankfully, nothing did happen and the Nuggets don’t have to see Thomas or his crew until next year.

Go Nuggets!


nuggsfan15 said...

Know what I like most about this win and the previous 4, Doc?

Certain people ranting about our Nuggets calling for a tear down are now nowhere to be found. *insert cricket chirping here*

Nugg Doctor said...


You're exactly right! All that doomsday rhetoric that guy was talking about on was such a crock. Then he had the cojones to tell me that I wasn't as big or as true of a Nuggets fan as he was because he has been watching them longer than me! Like my being younger than him has anything at all to do with how much knowledge about basketball I have or my loyalty to this team! I could have kept going and going with the guy, but with his treasonous writing already on the wall I figured that I would just let him stew as the Nuggets continue to demolish people night after night. It's almost as if he is rooting for the Nuggets to fail so he could be right on some message board, rather than, in my opinion, acting like the true fan he claims to be and hoping for Denver's continued success.

Anywho, I could care less. The Nuggets keep on rolling and that is all that matters!

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

ThaAnswer said...

It was a great game to watch. That is exactly what we need to be doing with teams like the Knicks, and how we should have smacked them around last time. I am going to be interested to see how we play the tougher teams out West.
I am chalking up the bad FT's last night to a fluke, although I'm sure George Karl will have them taking a few more at practice. GO NUGGETS!

drumdance said...

What's even more impressive is they haven't even lost a quarter since halftime of the Pacers game. The D was really impressive last night, lots of bodies flying around. Let's hope they keep it up.

btalk said...

I liked Karl's post game him or not, he has a real good analytical approach to an early season game. And he's right, they aren't the Spurs or even the Mavs or Suns...yet, but if they will continue a "serious" effort to play team basketball, ie. assists, steals, defense, being happy for your teammates, the Nuggs could be a contender, no doubt about it.

breatnyS said...

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