Wednesday, November 28, 2007


(Boulder-CO) All of you who read this page everyday deserve to know why the sudden stop in Nuggets coverage. The reason why I have not been able to update The Nugg Doctor is because I fell very, very ill on Saturday. It started as flu-like symptoms, but then got much worse. I literally went all but blind for a few days with a headache so intense that it prompted me to get a C.A.T. scan today. Thankfully, the results were negative, but I am still battling what my doctor is calling very intense migraines.
I have watched bits and pieces of the last two Nuggets games, but will not be posting anything until tomorrow when, hopefully, things will get back to normal with a game preview, recap, and a post that catches up with everything that has transpired since my sudden decline in health.
I thank all of you who have emailed, commented, and/or otherwise expressed your concern for my whereabouts. We are all part of the Nuggets Nation! Once again, thank you.
Go Nuggets!


Harris said...

feel better doc! the nation needs you

Nugg Doctor said...

Thank you so much for the sentiments, harris.

They mean more than you may know!

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

Jeff said...

someone get a doctor for the Doctor!

best wishes, feel better

nanananana said...

wow Nuggologist, am so sorry you fell ill. This is not good and hopefully will be cured asap. Can't have you down and no news....can't! Feel better!

ThaAnswer said...

Hey Doc hope you are feeling better and I'm praying for you. Nuggets have been in a tailspin without you!