Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Eastern Conference Divisional Reports

(Boulder-CO) Some of you might have missed the previous post explaining these divisional reports, but for those of you who didn't I thank you for always reading my column and ask you to bear with me for just a second. I have recently become a full-time contributor for's Pro Baksetball site (sup, Dennis?) and am working with a team of some of the best hoops writers in the game to keep all of you up to date with what is going on league-wide. We break down what happened, who's hot, hurt, or been humbled, and give you a fast forward look at the week to come for you favorite team (the Nuggets, obviously!). On Tuesday of every week, the Eastern Conference reports get published. Check this week's east coast offerings by clicking this link. The Western Conference gets published on Wednesday of every week and I should have that link for everyone to enjoy a little bit later today.
Go Nuggets!

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