Thursday, November 29, 2007

Juicy Nuggets You Might Have Missed

(Boulder-CO) While I was not able to keep things up to date around here there were a couple of nuggets of note you might have missed. Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t, but it is my job to make sure that your Nuggets IQ is not deficient due to my negligence. So, here is a post (actually, more of a link dump than anything else) that gets everyone, including myself, caught up to speed.

-Kenyon Martin is going to be ok after scaring the bejesus out of all of us with what looked like yet another knee injury.

-The Nuggets signed Jelani McCoy to an undisclosed contract. Somewhere Chris Webber must be thinking that his days in the NBA have past him by.

-Veteran guard Mike Wilks was waived after averaging three points and a rebound and a half in eight games with the Nuggets. I think Wilks can help someone else in the NBA after showcasing his abilities for a brief stint with the Nuggets.

-Denver has added Stacey “The Plastic Man” Augmon to their coaching staff in a small but meaningful player development role. Maybe he can help this team get consistent on the defensive end too.

-Without a serious Houston Rockets blog to link to I am forced to just provide this box score from the Nuggets worst game so far this season. Seriously, only 13 points in the first quarter and a dismal eight assists for the entire game? You’ve got to be kidding me!

-As always, Indy Cornrows did a great job of breaking down the most recent Nuggets loss to the Pacers. Somehow, I just knew J.R. wasn’t going to make all three of those damn free-throws, but he did give one hell of an effort to even get the Nuggets as close as they did come to winning that sickening game.

Now, I think all of the above right about catches me up to speed with where the Nuggets are currently. If there is something that I’ve forgotten, you would like to add, or just anything at all pertaining to the Nuggets that has been left out get at me in the comments section. Otherwise, just getting all of this out of my system has helped me feel a lot better!

Go Nuggets!

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