Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nuggets vs. Knicks: Game 10 Preview

(Boulder-CO) The Knicks may have won in New York, but I have a feeling that the Nuggets aren’t going to be so docile when these two teams face off in Denver. The Nuggets are on a four-game winning streak thanks to a much improved defensive focus and to be quite frank with you, I just don’t see the Knicks coming into the Pepsi Center and walking away winners.

Will the Knicks have Stephon Marbury? Will Isiah be on his best behavior? Does it really matter? The home crowd is going to handle all the trash talking as the natives are surely restless after having to wait such a long time to give it to the Knicks. My only hope that the game goes on without any tough guy routines.

The Nuggets are arguably playing their best basketball in recent memory. Denver comes into this game with the second best points per game average in the league at 108.3, they are only giving up 101.8 to their opponents, and are shooting a fantastic 47% from the field doing it. Oh, and in case you’re not paying that close attention… The Nuggets are no longer the laughing stock of the three-point game! Denver is tied for eighth in three-point shooting percentage at 37% from downtown. Now, whatcha now about that?

I’m going to keep it short and sweet today with this preview and just say the Nuggets win by ten, Carmelo will breakout for about 35, Isiah will pout like a child going to timeout, and the Pepsi Center lets the Knicks hear it from about 15 minutes before the ball is put into play until they get on the bus to get to the airport!

And I almost forgot! For a possibly more optimistic Knicks perspective be sure to head over to and be sure to tell Seth that the Nuggets Nation is ready for tonight’s game!

Go Nuggets!

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