Monday, November 5, 2007

Memo to Smith: Hold Your Horses

(Boulder-CO) As if scripted from a Hollywood sports drama, J.R. Smith’s three-game suspension has run its course just in time for the Nuggets first trip back to New York to face the Knicks since feelings hardened at the Garden last December. But unfortunately for J.R., returning back into the good graces, and playing rotation, of Coach George Karl has no timetable.

When asked about whether or not J.R. Smith will play in Tuesday’s match-up with the Knicks Coach Karl answered vaguely with, “No idea”, as his reply. He then embellished on Smith’s chances of starting the game with the bleak point guard situation being what it is and said, “No way.” And rightfully so because the stage is too big and the air too thick for a player like J.R., who thrives on emotion, to make his season debut against quite possibly the most hostile crowd the Nuggets have ever faced this early in a season.

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