Thursday, January 24, 2008

Iverson and Anthony to Start All-Star Game

(Boulder-CO) With a late surge in the voting, Allen Iverson will accompany teammate Carmelo Anthony as a starter on the Western Conference’s All-Star Team this year, reports ESPN. Way to do work, Nuggets Nation! This is big. Now all we need is the tri-fecta with Marcus Camby being selected by the coaches and this will be an All-Star Game to truly remember for Denver.

Go Nuggets!


ThaAnswer said...

Let me just say when I pulled up the starters on I went crazy. Jumping around the house calling people up crazy. AI definitely deserved this and I am proud that he did. Way to go Melo and AI.

I think Camby will get the coaches vote and we'll have 3 Nuggets All-Stars this year. Think we'd have a better record with 3 All-Stars right?

And by the way, if I ever see Charles Barkley on the street I'm swingin' on him. So jealous that AI is more important in Philly than he is. Fat bastard! lol

Manny said...

Yeah just saw him on TNT again with Magic and EJ and while EJ was going through the starters he said that Kobe was the best we have in the world today, then when it got to our guy AI he said "I've got nothing but respect for Iverson but I think Chris Paul should be starting for the West" or something to that effect.

I used to like Barkley, now he's just retarded. I think the twinkies are going to his head.

Go NUGGETS with your 3 ALL-STARS!