Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just What the Doctor Ordered

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
(Boulder-CO) I said in my preview, “Denver will need AI to have at least ten assists while scoring somewhere in the range of 23-27 points. Carmelo will have to score close to 30 points while finding a way to record his fourth double-double in the month of January. And Marcus Camby couldn’t find a better game to have another 20/20 effort. In addition to Denver’s big three needing to muster up an unbelievable effort, guys like J.R. Smith and Linas Kleiza need to step up their games too. Otherwise, I’m afraid this one could get ugly.”

And almost precisely what I knew needed to happen for the Nuggets to win tonight actually happened. Just read these highlights from the box score: Allen Iverson scored 28 points and handed out nine assists. Carmelo Anthony scored 23 points and grabbed a couple of boards (you’ll understand why he only grabbed that many rebounds in a second). J.R. Smith stepped up and scored 13 points in 18 minutes. Marcus Camby tied a career-high by snatching 24 massive caroms, scored eight points, and also tied a career-high with eleven blasted Utah shot attempts. And last but not least is Linas Kleiza AKA “The L Train”, AKA “The Lithuanian Liquidator”, AKA “Amaze ya Kleiza” scoring a career-high 41 points and tying a season-high with nine rebounds!!!

Even Eduardo “The Grout” Najera showed his toughness by answering the call of duty, with a hyper-extended right elbow, when the Nuggets had no one else to turn to. Najera has so much intestinal mass that he might just earn the guts award for the year if he keeps these kinds of character-revealing efforts up. Eduardo is all heart and anyone who would like to argue that knows where to find me.

But the bottom line is the big three delivered in the Nuggets' most critical time of need and LK and J.R. stepped up gigantically with the result being Denver tied with Portland atop the Northwest Division at an even 23-15 after this, 120-109, victory over the hated Utah Jazz.

Give the Jazz credit though because they played a good game, but the Nuggets just flat out played better. The shooting percentages are right about even, Utah even out assisted the Nuggets, but the bottom line is Denver showed more heart than the Junk, I mean, Jazz and Jerry Sloan and crew will have to wait until Wednesday, February 6th to try and pay the Nuggets back.

There just isn’t much else to say about tonight’s game other than even in garbage time Steven Hunter still didn’t peel his off his sweats.

Oh, and one more thing… the quote of the century goes to longtime reader, close personal friend, and basketball guru btalk who said, “Andrei Kirilenko looks like the kind of guy that would wear tube socks with a tux.”

Pure gold, btalk! PURE 24 KARAT GOLD.

Go Nuggets!


Unknown said...

Hey Nugg Doc, always nice to mentioned! Maybe the Nuggs read your game preview and decided to follow your formula!

While we were conversing at Chopper's Sports Bar the subject of Hunter's lack of playing time came up. Today's Rocky says Hunter managed to show up late for last nights game...makes you wonder. It also said, A.I. proceeded to show up AFTER Hunter, but he still played. Karl is quoted as saying it was a case of Selective Memory!! Either way, why would a guy who gets no minutes come late?? Crazy.

Keep up the with the honest appraisals, and I'm liking your Today's Date column.

Jake L said...

ESPN's Hollinger Playoff Predictor really pisses me off. He has the Utah Jazz as 37.7% of winning the division and the Nuggets at 19.7% Has he checked the standings yet or noticed that as of today the Jazz have three more losses than the nuggets? Not only that the nuggets have only a 58.5% chance to make the playoffs. I know its based off of a formula but there is some serious problems with that and with the formula. I know the Nuggets have problems and injuries contribute to more problems but does anyone seriously think for one second that the Nuggets are going to miss the playoffs and go to the lottery while they have Melo and Iverson on the same team? I sure dont.