Tuesday, January 29, 2008

There is No Kidding about Kidd Rumor

(Boulder-CO) The Nuggets are in desperate need of a point guard that can take them farther than Anthony Carter or Chucky Atkins can, and the latest rumor has the Nuggets looking at Jason Kidd.

No word as to who would be involved in a potential deal, but owner Stan Kroenke would have to shell out some major salary cap penalty dollars to acquire the Eastern Conference’s premier point guard. Furthermore, let me state that I would wholesale anyone other than AI, Carmelo, or Camby to get him.

My feelings at this point in the season are all for it. I mean, why spend all the money Kroenke already has on the books for a team that isn’t going to amount to hill of beans come playoff time when spending say, another $18 million, might take this franchise to the promise land? Make already ridiculously priced merchandise and fan fare even more expensive and charge J-Kidd’s salary to the game!

The move would address Denver’s long outstanding need for a bonafide point guard and perhaps put this team into elite company. Which, BTW, is so far away from where they are right now it’s scary seeing how the Nuggets already have the NBA’s third highest payroll!


Anonymous said...

I agree that we should try to make this move, even if it is definitely a 'win now' sort of move. AI isn't getting any younger (even though he's still playing out of his mind), Camby isn't getting any younger, and Kidd is in the same boat. As much as I'd hate losing JR (who would likely be included due to his expiring contract), Eddie, and whoever else (Nene?), a move for a 2nd Hall of Famer at a position of need is almost a no-brainer...

I don't personally like Kidd all that much, but the guy is a good defender despite losing a step the last few years, and his passing ability is just off-the-charts. A return to the Andre Miller lob-fest days would definitely be on the docket if Kidd were to come to Denver. He's clearly not happy in New JErsey with their two stars, but perhaps with his experience playing with Melo this summer, he'd be happier here with AI and Melo.

But yeah, this is pretty exciting... it would be pretty unreal to have a starting 5 of Kidd, Iverson, Melo, Martin, and Camby -- that's basically an All-Star team +1 (Martin, who used to be an All-Star with Kidd). And yeah, not to mention, having Kidd throwing alley-oops to K-Mart again would be a nice throwback...

ThaAnswer said...

I'm not exactly sure how the Nuggets could pull this one off, but if this miracle occured that has to make us the premiere team in the league. Assuming we can improve the defense.

I'm salivating at even the idea of adding Kidd but I'll try and not get my hopes up. I don't see how the salaries and quality of player could match up.

quarter_mile said...

kidd would be a great addition to the nuggets. but would ai and j-kidd be willing to play with each other? we know that ai operates well with the ball in his hand most of the time. sure, j-kidd can hit melo or camby or k-mart with alley-oops but can he really do the same for ai?

nevertheless, i would like to see them play together. it would be like an all-star game everytime the nuggets play. :D

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