Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Rumor I Really Don’t Like

(Boulder-CO) TZ over at is pondering what Nugget(s) might be involved in a potential trade for Ron Artest. Let me just go on the record right now as saying I do not like anything that has to do with Ron Artest in a Nuggets uniform. To be honest with you, I don’t even like when he comes into town to play the Nuggets. But, I think the writing is on the wall and Nuggets brass is looking to make a move before the February 21st trade deadline that could potentially put the Nuggets into elite NBA company. However, like I’ve already stated, I do not want Ron-Ron in Denver. Period.


ThaAnswer said...

OK...Nick (have I been here long enough to warrant that? lol) I agree with you 94.2% of the time, but here I don't. The single most important aspect of the game keeping us from being a "great" team, is defense. We honestly stink up every arena with our defense. I don't like Artest, the way he conducts himself, or even watching him play. Yet, I can honestly say we need him. I don't know how much a Sac Kings blog means in the real world, but suppose it's true. Artest and Camby on the same team, holding down the D? AI and Melo putting up the points? I'd like to see Linus and EN go, and Artest back.

Granted you're looking at two great SF' there are many options you could use for a starting rotation....but think about this lineup...

C- Camby/Hunter

I know it's wishful thinking but that looks pretty damn solid.

Anyway, I don't think it will happen but I do think the Nuggets need one more piece to compete.

Nugg Doctor said...

Yes, thaanswer, you can call me Nick. Just as long as you don't call me a blathering assh*le I don't care what you call me. Actually my friends call me Nuggy. You're right, Artest would solidify our D, but I still just don't think he is the guy we should get. Just a difference in opinions.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

Anonymous said...

This Eddie and Kleiza deal would be awesome for us. Kleiza is fun to watch and has been playing well in Melo's absence, but it's RON ARTEST. The only real risk is if he opts out of his contract next season -- if the Nuggets have some success in the Playoffs, I can definitely see him sticking around rather than rolling the dice on free-agency.

And yeah thaanswer, I like that starting lineup (or run Artest at the 2)... that's a BIG lineup with either Melo or Ron playing SG. A lineup (when Melo is resting/injured) consisting of Carter, AI, Artest, Martin, Camby would be bananas defensively. I still like AC as the PG on this team primarily, but yeah, if we got Artest, we'd want to have the 'talent lineup' on the floor and bring AC off the bench. Ahh, I hope this happens.

Jason said...

What up's been awhile since I posted, but my stinkin work firewall disallows me from viewing your site...gotta love it!

As for the whole Artest thing, I agree with you. I think the one thing Denver has struggled with is chemistry. Ron Artest is a known chemistry killer. He is very talented, yes, but we already do not play as a team, think about what would happen with Artest here.

Artest thinks is he the #1 option, but we already have Melo and AI. There definitely would not be enough shots to go around with that crew. So even though a chance to shake up the team sounds enticing...I think if we do a trade it needs to be for a PG/Combo Guard that can fit with AI in the back court.

One trade I would love to see is JR for Delonte West. West is a bigger guard, that can play point or SG, and can hit the three. Is he as talented as JR? Of course not, but JR has yet to prove maturity wise that he will ever turn the corner. This is the type of trade I think could greatly help Denver.

Trading two of your more hard working team guys in Eddie and LK is not good for chemistry IMHO.

Nugg Doctor said...

Glad to have you back, jason.

That's pretty funny about work. Somebody must have been monitoring the sites you go to while cyber loafing and put the whammy on The Nugg Doctor. A first, I must admit.

Delonte would be an upgrade. I hadn't really thought of him when considering who the Nuggets could potentially get.

Thanks for reading (even at work),

The Nugg Doctor