Friday, January 11, 2008

Indefinite Leave Due to Personal Medical Issue

(Boulder-CO) Nene was not available for tonight's game against the Magic because of an, "indefinite leave due to personal medical issue" and there is no word as to when he might be back in the fold or what the medical issue is. This is just great! Dwight Howard already has 13 points and nine rebounds at the half and the Nuggets don't have a clue as to when their best low post defender is returning to action. I swear, sometimes I think the door to trainer Jim Gillen's office is a revolving door!

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James O. Clark said...

This is very odd news. What the mind doesn't know it will create, and with the lack of information about Nene leads my mind to think he's got some drug/addiction problems. Look at all the time he's been injured, it's an opening for him to get hooked.

Obviously sending good thoughts and wishes to Nene.