Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Buy-Out and Stay-Out

(Boulder-CO) In all honesty, I really did want to see Antonio McDyess in a Nuggets' uniform this season. Call me nostalgic, but Antonio was one of my favorite Nuggets back in those days. However, despite McDyess' agent saying that he has no resentment towards the Nuggets, I think some bygones are just still too tough to be bygones. Regardless, Antonio McDyess has been bought out of his remaining due of nearly $15 million for about $6 million; or what is otherwise known as highway robbery by the Nuggets. And what makes the deal ever sweeter for the Nuggets is they will only have three million dollars of that almost $15 million on their cap this year and next year as the buyout is split up over the length of the contract that was bought out.
But in all reality... He didn't leave himself many outs when choosing not to play for Denver.
If McDyess didn't want to play for Denver at any cost, was unwilling to take a quasi-generous buyout, but still wanted to play basketball then his only alternative would have been to retire and completely lose out on the aforementioned $15 million and then be left trying find another contract with another team of which I am sure wouldn't have paid him even close to what he was originally entitled to.
Either way, Denver got the best of this deal.
Go Nuggets!

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