Monday, November 3, 2008

It's Official: Billups Back in Denver

(Boulder-CO) Now we've got drama! Allen Iverson is no longer a Denver Nugget and Chauncey "Denver's Native Son" Billups and Antonio McDyess are on their way back to The Mile High City, reports ESPN.

The report also states that 7'1" Cheikh Samb will be included in the deal and that Antonio McDyess has no interest in playing for any team other than the Pistons. If such a position holds true for McDyess, the Nuggets can buyout his remaining contract (hopefully at a discount) or he can just retire.

"The King of Park Hill" will most likely make his return debut with Denver on Wednesday in Oakland when the Nuggets take on the Golden State Warriors!

Welcome home, Chauncey.

Go Nuggets!


Thelowblock said...

Yo Nick, long time no see. This deal is a little whack, I'm not sure what Detroit was really thinking. Iverson's a good scorer and all, but he's not what the Pistons need to get to the top. We'll see how it plays out I guess.

One love,

Manh-Khoa said...

i like this trade. Chauncey will bring experience and maturity to this team and he also knows what it takes to win

we will sure as hell miss ai but it opens up a starting spot for jr and I would say it's about time

Jon-Michael said...

A good move for Denver. Chauncey will provide leadership and a cool head. It was either him or Marbury and most people would agree that Marbury would have been disastrous. Putting Chauncey at 1 and JR at two will easily fill in the gap left by Allen Iverson.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nugg DR, Long Tyme no Talk.

I'm SO excited. Chauncey is my hometown hero. Plus he is a Pure PG. Rumor has it that the Nuggets will keep Antonio McDyess on roster and won't buy him out.

Anonymous said...

They released Juwan Howard today, so it seems like they're going to at least try and keep Dice for now. He'll probably retire if they refuse to buy him out and let him go back to DET... he said he wouldn't wear a non-Pistons jersey at this point in his career. He'll probably retire and we'll pick Juwan back up again. I just hope to hell that we keep Samb and try to get dude some minutes -- he's really a cool player to have, not to mention our only legit 7-footer (since Steven Hunter seems perpetually lodged on the bench).

btalk said...

Just when I was ready to write off the Nuggs they do something "special". I can't hardly wipe the grin off of my ugly mug!! What the hell is Detroit thinking? Have they not seen what A.I. does to the concept of "team"???? We trade one thug for two classy athletes, wow. I'm thinking maybe the Pistons consulted with Matt Millen (former Lions idiot G.M.) on this one. Don't know anything about Samb but maybe Hunter needs to start reading the want ads. If McDyess does decide to come back and play for his original team, say goodbye to Juwan. I asked what you were drinking when you predicted 44 wins this season. Now I really want to know what the Piston's brass must be drinking!! Way to go Nugg Doc...first place I looked for accurate details.

Felix said...

A W E S O M E ! ! !

i think AI played his heart out for the nugs, and i love him, but we had too many slash and score types and not enough team distribution, and too much creative thinking. I did and will root for AI - i think he's a great ball player, and a real sweet character, but i think the Nuggets are better without him....

Nugg Doctor said...

Hey Jim!!!!

How are you man? Yea, this deal is a little befuddling to most Pistons fans, but hey, you guys might have the cash to land King James this offseason!

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

Nugg Doctor said...

Hey Tymes,

Good to have you back in the fold. Let's keep up the banter all season long.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

Johally said...

Hey there,

I've been reading this blog for a long time, but never left a comment.

I am both a Nuggets fan and an A.I fan.
As far as this trade goes. It might help Denver a bit in letting some of the younger guys get more burn, but I'm not sure it's going to have that great an impact.

Sure, Chauncey has been a team guy, because he hasn't been working with stars. In fact, in his 11 yr career, he's only averaged more assists than Iverson in 1 of those years, and his drop off in production has been much steeper than Iverson over the last few years. on top of that, Chauncey has a career shooting percentage of .416%.

The way I see it is that the Pistons have won this trade. They finally have a go to scorer after the whole 'team of no stars' thing in Detroit hasn't worked out for the last few years.
Now the Nuggets are stuck with a declining point guard who may help them this year, but I'd be worried about the next few.
On top of this, they started a fire sale to get younger by trading camby, but then flipped 180 and got an old PG? I can only assume they weren't going in this direction in the 1st place.

I'm torn between who I'm going to follow more.