Friday, November 7, 2008

Need4Sheed on the Trade

(Boulder-CO) The Queen of the NBA Blogosphere, and good friend, Natalie Sitto of Need4Sheed and I had the chance to speak about the Iverson/Billups trade that went down on Monday to better understand just what each of our respective teams are getting out of the deal. Here are my questions Natalie was gracious enough to answer for the Nuggets Nation and be sure to head over to Need4Sheed to read my answers for her.

ND: We can all look at stats and see what both teams are receiving, but can you speak to what Denver fans are going to see from Chauncey that doesn't end up in the boxscore?

N4S: First and foremost you get a proven leader that knows just what to do in key situations. it's his play late in the game when everything is on the line when Chauncey shines brightest. He could hit the three, dish it to one of his teammates, shut down his man or drive the lane. Did I mention he's money at the line? He's not nicknamed Mr. Big Shot for nothing.

ND: How do you see Allen Iverson's style of play fitting into Detroit's team-oriented game plan?

N4S: I honestly don't really. It's going to be interesting how Iverson plays in Detroit. I watched the Pistons press conference and he basically said he's going to do whatever it takes to fit in the Pistons system. To do whatever it takes to win even he has to change the way he plays. Honestly for it to work in Detroit he has to do just that. Whether he does it remains to be seen.

ND: What is the one aspect that Billups brought to the Pistons that will be missed more than any other?

N4S: Clutch play.

ND: Will the Pistons fare better or worse this season in the W column with Iverson? Why or why not?

N4S: I feel it's going to be a push. The Pistons are going to win fifty plus games this season with Chauncey or Allen. Chauncey is no Allen and Allen is no Chauncey, each brings a different element that the team that translates into wins. What matters is the post season hump Detroit cant get over and the fact the Iverson has something to prove.5. Do you believe the rumors that acquiring Allen Iverson, and his expiring contract, are part of a grander scheme by Piston's brass to perhaps land LeBron James this offseason?

If I know Joe Dumars he's got something on the back burner whether it's LeBron, Wade or Bosh. Though LeBron is a huge longshot don't put it past Joe to go after him. Do I think it was the reason why this went down, absolutely not. Joe knew he needed a change, and boy did he ever make a big one. Mr. Big shot will be missed but the horizon of almost unlimited cap space and Detroit's solid roster of young talent makes me smile just typing this.

Give my best to Mr. Big Shot, I know Denver is ready to welcome him home with open arms.

Go Nuggets!

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