Thursday, November 6, 2008

More on McDyess

(Boulder-CO) Reports are that Antonio McDyess may still be bitter with the Nuggets for trading him back in 2002. Fair enough, he has every right to be upset. It's his prerogative to hold a grudge just as long as it doesn't end up costing the Nuggets (and him) an arm and a leg to do so.
However, it appears to me that Antonio McDyess and the Nuggets have reached a stalemate because neither party wants to depart from their money. Meaning, Antonio still wants his $6 million dollars per year for the next two years, but wants to have his cake and eat it too in any city but Denver while the Nuggets probably want McDyess to play here or to take a considerably smaller slice of cake than the one he thought he was going to get.
Here's the thing though... The longer this situation drags out the worse for the Nuggets because technically they are on the hook for McDyess' salary per rules of the trade. This keeps them from being able to acquire anyone else they may be looking at bolstering their front line with via trade for McDyess or using that money to pick up a free-agent like the one the cut, Juwan Howard.

As for the Cavaliers...

There is an interesting situation brewing in Cleveland that may be another possibility for McDyess if he can reach an agreement with the Nuggets that gives him his walking papers.
Either way somethings got to give!

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Peter Robert Casey said...

The unfortunate side of the business. There was a WSJ article recently about a guy who is even trying to change the landscape of Fantasy Basketball by integrating agents who work on the players behalf. This way fantasy owners can't abuse their talent.