Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Game 12: Nuggets @ Spurs

(Boulder-CO) The 7-4 Denver Nuggets travel to San Antonio tonight to take on the badly depleted Spurs. San Antonio will be without All-Star guards Manu Ginobili AKA "The Flopper" and Tony Parker. Please, give me a moment while I pity them....
San Antonio has struggled this year since starting the season with four losses in their first five games with their only win coming in overtime over the Timberwolves. Since that rocky start in which they were averaging an allowed 105 points per game, the Spurs have regrouped and focused their efforts defensively to win four out of their last five while allowing a stingy 81.6 points per game.
What intrigues me about tonight's game is whether or not Denver will be able to beat a proven contender on the road. Since acquiring Billups, Denver's only win over a potential playoff team on the road has been against the Celtics. In that win, Denver shot the ball extremely well (39-80 from the field) and won the battle of the boards (43-37), thus prompting me to believe that those two aspects will once again be critical in tonight's game against the Spurs. Also important for the Nuggets will be the bench support. In Denver's last three wins, the Nuggets have been receiving an average of 33.3 points from its reserves.
My last point concerns the venue. In the Alamo Dome, things have not been great for Denver. The Nuggets have only won six of 36 meetings in San Antonio since the start of the 1991-92 season which I'm pretty sure predates Vinny Del Negro.
To win, Denver will have to shake the buzzard's luck in the Alamo Dome, get great support from the bench, and shoot the ball well against a stingy San Antonio defense.
Don't forget the Alamo.
Go Nuggets!


btalk said...

Who would have thought the Nuggs would be seriously playing "team" ball. I loved Karl's indirect shot at A.I. concerning the 15/20 lost possessions a game due to his antics. I have to believe A.I. was more Kroenke's move than Karl's. Anyone who knows the game could see the outcome...including Karl. As for your comments, and others, regarding starting J.R., I still don't see it. Yes he's playing better but I like him coming off the bench. Chauncey, unlike A.I., will help mold J.R. into the player he has the potential to be. If he doesn't, it will be because J.R. just will never "get it." Haven't we all said, the mark of a true pro is the ability to make others around him better?? The honeymoon will be over sooner or later, but when the day to day marriage sets in, Chauncey will be the steady head of household they need.

Mike said...

Psst... Doc... I don't think the Spurs have played in the Alamodome for 5 or 6 years. ;)

JACK said...

I can't tell you how jealous I am that the Nuggets now have Billups. His game has slowed down and he's fallen short plenty of times over the years, but I'd still prefer having him anchor the Detroit lineup. I think Denver is going to surprise some folks. By no means are you guys now elite in the West, but I think you will make the playoffs easily (versus be a close call at the end of the season like so many are predicting). I've watched more Denver games than Detroit games this season with the trade of Billups (LOL!)!

Commish CH said...

Is something going on in the Spurs normal arena? I know they have the rodeo or something each year. The Alamo Dome is horrendous for hoops games. The rest for the starters last night will be key.

Nugg Doctor said...

So yea, I was in the way back machine thinking about that Vinny Del Negro reference. Thanks guys, the game will be at AT&T per the last six years.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

Molon177 said...

I have not had the opportunity to watch any Nuggets games since the Billups trade. However, it is apparent that Iverson was a plague to the nuggets. I imagine Iverson’s next contract will be smaller than he is. I am looking forward to watching tonight’s game, and seeing a team that cares more about winning then individual statistics. Billups is bringing some much needed leadership to the Denver Nuggets.