Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Game 11: Bucks @ Nuggets

(Boulder-CO) Although the Milwaukee Bucks are 5-6 overall, they should not be taken lightly. The Bucks have been without their star, Michael Redd, for the last seven games due to an ankle sprain, but have still managed to win three of the seven while missing over 20 points per game. Compounding Milwaukee's struggles have been the loss of Charlie Villanueva. The Bucks starting power forward has also missed the last two games due to a strained hamstring and, unlike Redd, is not expected to play in tonight's match-up.
Either way, I'm not expecting it to matter.
The Denver Nuggets are really coming together nicely since acquiring Chauncey Billups when you've considered the short adjustment period. Chauncey has completely changed the style of play in Denver due to his savvy ability to bring calm to the team. In seasons past, the Nuggets missed that dearly and as a result found themselves struggling to beat teams like the Bucks because of the lack of ability to identify an opponents' weaknesses and exploit them. With Chaunecy, Denver has abandoned the one-trick-pony routine of just trying to outscore their opposition and now can identify how they can win while also being able to execute.
And against the Bucks, I expect the Nuggets to identify early that Milwaukee can't keep up with Denver offensively. We are still yet to see Chauncey have a very efficient night shooting the ball and it's just a matter of time before he comes around on say the likes of Luke Ridnour. Furthermore, with the Nuggets playing a newly found stingy defense, the key to tonight's game will be rebounding the ball and getting the fast break started. Andrew Bogut has a pair of the slowest feet in the league (as do a few other Bucks that shall remain nameless), so don't be surprised if a touch of the old Denver Nuggets surfaces as 'Melo and the boys leave the scoreboard operator gasping for air!
Go Nuggets!

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