Tuesday, October 14, 2008

DKY: Chucky Atkins

(Boulder-CO) Howdy Folks, here is one of the remaining DYK's for your Denver Nuggets that I haven't touched yet. Chucky needs a good nickname, so leave your ideas in the comments section.

-Chucky's given name is Kenneth Lavon Atkins.

-He finished as a four-year letterman at South Florida and the school's third all-time leading scorer.

-Atkins is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

-He received a basketball from his father for his first birthday and could dribble by age three.

-Chucky also played football in high school as a freshman, seeing some time at quarterback that same year.
Go Nuggets!

1 comment:

Sean T said...

Chucky's nickname should be: Chucky "I'm not as ugly as Sam Cassell" Atkins!!